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Franny’s news #3

Since I’ve been away long from the blog and I managed to post only two nonsense blogs during the month of August I guess that a round of Franny’s news is in order!

Of course I spent the majority of this morning to look for nice images matching the news, just for a change. I do not own any of them, so in case the owners want them removed just say so!

I’ll work this weekend so I guess you should wait till Monday to have a nice blog post again! Some of the news will give you an anticipation of the next posts anyway!

Let’s get it started!

Today is my partner’s 34th birthday! We’re now of the same age, so all the jokes are stopped finally! Usually the 15 days between my birthdays and his are hell! All jokes about me being with a child! Only 15 days difference, can you believe this?

I love you honey, happy birthday!


Grandma was here for three weeks with my cousins’ daughter. This time it went smoother and we didn’t argue a lot, although she thinks I’m a mess the most of the times! But it’s also true that I had the chance to relax, going out for dinner and so on, so I can’t really complain! And with my little cousin was just a continuous laugh, and she’s 14! I start fearing that when I tell “I have a brain of a 7years old” I’m not much far from the truth!



So thanks to grandma, I and my partner were able to go out for a dinner and a night out. It was very romantic and something we hadn’t done for ages. I felt slightly old that day!



I finally had my wisdom tooth extracted. The pain was reaching inhuman levels. So I felt forced to find a dentist and go. It took time, almost two months in fact, but still you’ll read about that!



I have a new obsession, Colin Morgan. I’d really appreciate him as present for Christmas! Seriously it’s not like it seems, and I’ll talk about him again later, but he’s my new legend. He’s not strictly good-looking, although I find him pretty cute, but the most important thing is that he’s a god on the stage or in front of the camera. He’s so good!


I finally met the dietician. I was supposed to go there months ago, but I simply forgot I had the appointment, so I had to wait and luckily I got another one! She just gave me a diary to keep for a few weeks and a few tips and I hope next time to receive a diet!


This brings to the idea that has been swirling in my head for a while. Why shouldn’t I try a different cuisine altogether? I mean if much of the obesity problem is linked to the society and consumerism maybe if we could start again to eat like people use to in old and ancient times, maybe it’s be good for our health as well. I don’t even know if it makes sense. But still I was thinking to try post-war recipes or medieval ones! I’ll let you know!



Finally I can tell you I had a few ideas for stories or similar, all of them don’t involve research or let’s say not much of that.

My partner says they don’t make much sense but I’m just starting on this new series…yes because from one book I came out with three by now! Let’s see what I’ll come up with!

Also I’m thinking a stress free way to go around this stand by I was put on! It starts to be a bit tight on me already, and maybe I just feel a bit better. I’d say I’ll jot down a list of things that relax me and maybe I can associate one of them with one day off. I’ll let you know once again!



Well it seems that that I’ve updated you again!

Talk to you soon!!!




4 thoughts on “Franny’s news #3

  1. Franny, Happy Birthday to you both and YES,I understand what you go through.I am 39 days older than my husband.He joked like heck when I tuned 30.I said,”Get it out of your system because you are NOT doing this to me when I turn 40!” He didn’t…and even that was too many years ago!

    • Ahaha thanks! Glad to know I’m not the only one then! I guess it’s better to have those partners full of jokes around tho! It’s not the best in some cases but still they can be helpful in others!

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