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Real people from Tv!

Hi everybody!

I’m aware that I’ve been barely present on these pages but it wasn’t planned!

Sorry about that!

The truth is that I rested because my mum and my little cousin were here and I was busy in bringing them around!

The good news is that I relaxed a lot and they were of much help. My mum babysat Maya several times and I was able to enjoy life for a while!

They’re just gone after three weeks and I had no time to put together decent posts, but I’ll promise I’ll come back with nice blogs!

In order to catch up and telling you at least a part of the reasons that kept me away from you, I’m planning to write down about my nice night out and my Irish dentist experience for a start.

I still have the first oh my darling post half jotted down, but I want to see if I can gather more info before being very mean towards the “very over 18 years old girl” who was here in July (you’ll understand this later on! Promise!)

But before we start with more serious, or reasonable, posts….or at least posts not belonging to desperate nonsense like this one, I have to show you something funny.

You know already I work with public and I meet thousands of customers every week.

What you don’t know, but you can imagine, is that I see a huge variety of people who, from time to time, resemble someone famous.

Lately I’ve met these three guys (I’m not telling you who they are, try to guess! If you don’t manage just ask!):





Have this ever happened to you?

Do you know them?

Would you have resisted laughing?

I’m curious to know what you think!



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