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Dreaming of rent and woods


I honestly don’t know how to title this post exactly, but the rent and a wood are both into my dream so it should work!

As you can see I started again to remember often my dreams. It really comes in waves so you might not see anything for a while, but for the moment here we go!

I remember that I dreamed something last night too, but I wasn’t ready enough to write it down and I don’t remember anything a part that there was my mum again and my friend K.!

The following one instead is from two nights ago but I was in work yesterday, that’s why I post it today!

There was a part I can’t remember at the very beginning of the dream.

Then I saw a house and a shop and a room with white shelves.
There was a very big wood and a celebration going on, a medieval fair. We were looking for someone.
At some stage one woman said “I’d run away, if I were you!” and crushed a foot with her white stick.

Then the environment changed. It was more or less like outside St. Patrick cathedral, at night. There were benches with stone sit and decorated metal legs.
It was me S. and E. sitting on one of them, chatting of important things. We finally managed to put the rent together.

At some stage a lady came closer and showed me a bag and asked me “Do you want drugs?”… I said “Don’t be stupid, go to hell”

As answer she started to jump around with the bag of drugs shaking it and covering us in powder. I got up and she ran away and we decided to go as well but we forgot the yellow bullet, where the rent was, in the bench foot.
When we realised that something was missing, we ran to retrieve it but a well-dressed guy was opening it. 
We reached him and I tried to get the bag from his hands saying it was our rent. At the beginning he didn’t want to return it but then he let it go. 
He then walked where the street was and I realized we were on the top of a building and he looked down….

I then woke up…

Aren’t you curious as well to know what he did after he looked down? I am, but I don’t despair, because sometimes I do dreams like they were episode of the same series, it might possible we’ll see him again!

Compliment to the artist who did this!!!



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