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Dreaming of toilets #2

As I previously told you my recurrent dream is about toilet!
Two nights ago I didn’t sleep almost at all. I woke up at 2.30 because of the wisdom tooth pain and, although I took the pain killer, it stayed with me for the whole night. On the top of that Maya decided to wake up at 4 and not to sleep until 6.30 so I dosed off on the rocking chair in her room and when I finally managed to touch my pillow again, although still in pain, I had the following weird, toilet related dream!

I was in a weird house, it wasn’t on more than one floor but according to the way we moved inside the house it seemed to be.
I needed a toilet (of course) and I had to look for it because I didn’t know the place. So I started to look in every room. There were many doors and all the floors and walls were all distorted and they were bending like in those funny cartoons where you end up in a different reality.
A few of the doors didn’t open and some of them did. For a few times I found myself in another room maybe on the sofa or so and there was that rude man, my partner’s dad, who was there already and I always elbowed him away telling him the worse things I could think of.
Then I started to find toilets and as usual they were dirty or flooded or broken.
A detail I remember is the colour of the surrounding: all the walls were painted in blue, or something that used to be blue but now fading. All the doors were white and every time I entered in a toilet the light wouldn’t work!

Now what do you think about this?


6 thoughts on “Dreaming of toilets #2

  1. If you STILL didn’t need to use the toilet,I think you feel insecure; I have had a lot of experience with that.
    But I am going to give you some unsolicited advice…take care of those teeth.I was in my 30’s when I had my lower wisdom teeth out,(I assume that is where you are, chronologically.) My oral surgeon said that my roots were growing around the nerves and that they would cut off the nerve o each side eventually and I would lose feeling in my jaw…shudder.I got a truly great surgeon ,(which you need to find).If the surgery is done wrong, it could result in the same problem, but letting it go would have made it be almost inevitable. And when it was over,it was such a relief.
    Best of luck to you,Franny.

    • I have an apointment for tomorrow, let’s see…although is the top one that is bothering me. And actually I think you’re right, I feel insecure with everything I do. But I don’t need dreams to tell me that…basically everybody tells me that!

  2. Now you need to tell yourself.You have too much going for you and you are going to burn yourself out and not be able to do anything right….trust me.I have been there.Which is probably why I was meant to meet you. Appreciate yourself,Franny. You don’t have to do everything and you don’t have to do it NOW.

What do you think about that?

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