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Blog on the go! – Addiction!

I’ve never smoked, I’ve never taken drugs and I’ve never drunk!

However, even if we don’t consider chocolate, I must admit I have an addiction: writing.

I realized better lately, as I am forced into this stress-free thing! I need to put something on paper or on the notes of my phone. I need to write, and whatever it is it doesn’t really matter! The important thing is that I write.

In two work days’ spare moment, when there weren’t customers around, I managed to put three posts drafts down, plus a story idea, plus a few starting points for potential stories.

I think that now writing it’s just part of me and whatever happens I won’t stop, unless the always mentioned lobotomy would happen. I actually don’t want to, but even if I did, I’m not sure I could.

I’m developing a fear as well: losing one after the other the notes I’ve taken.

I’m literally scribbling on everything comes into reach, in particular when I’m not at home. I’ve always done it to be honest, every time I can and I’m afraid to lose my notes. I mean, I jot down my thoughts because I don’t want to forget a nice idea but at the same time if I don’t remember where I’ve put the piece of paper the result would be the very same.

I usually go around with one notebook, and then I keep one beside the bed and another one next to the sofa. But now that I think about that, I’m not even sure I copied all the ideas I’ve scribbled so far from my previous notebooks.

But I have to relax.

This is almost even worse!!!!

And again if I keep thinking I believe that now I should do a backup of my blog posts! What was born as substitute of my official blog took off and now I have to put safe my weird posts…

As I was saying, I have to relax…

But…ok this is the last one! Here is the plan:

-I’m going to do a backup of the posts

-I’m going to put notebook in every place they should be and they’re not to be moved at all

-I’m going to collect all the notebooks I have around and try to divide them by files!!!

That should do…

I know, I know, I should relax…

Any idea guys how to cure my addiction to blogging, writing and notes?


3 thoughts on “Blog on the go! – Addiction!

  1. Hello Franny, welcome to my world 😉 I regret to say there is no “cure” that I know of. When this happens, it happens, although you might slow down from time to time. Personally, I enjoy having this feeling.

    As for relaxing, telling yourself to relax and thinking about relaxing will only increase anxiety. Whenever we tell ourselves not to worry about sonething we worry anyway. It’s just human nature, I suppose.

    • Good to know there is no cure!
      Well I think what my partner meant was “Slow down” and maybe you’re right, it doesn’t work if I just repeat it…still I have to do that!

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