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Dreaming of toilets #1

Some genius on DA!

(Dream date: 28.07.13)

As you’ll soon find out finding/ looking for/being in a toilet is one of my recurring dreams, or maybe I’d say is my only “important” recurring dream!

A few nights ago I had one of my usual weird dreams mixed with my typical toilet dreams- like the toilet dreams aren’t weird enough!

So here we go:

I had to get married and it was in some way involved the police.

I don’t remember if I had to marry an officer or if I had an officer friend missing.

Anyway they (either I don’t remember who were “they” or it’s just “they” and that’s that! There is always “they” in a dream!) pinned at the top of my corset a golden pin that was supposed to be the one this officer had on his hat.  Also they gave me a blue ribbon to put somewhere else.

Then I was in a private room beside the church, I think, and I realized I had to go to the toilet urgently. My mum was with me and she was trying to persuade me to resist. She said I was well dressed and all but I was bursting.

I noticed than at the far end of the room there was a platform on which some rocking chairs stood in a row. Below each rocking chair there was a bucket full of a darkish liquid.

And I just knew they were toilets.

So I took up my dress and I sat one of them, I started to swing and I did my stuff rocking like a stupid.

After I finished my mum helped me to tight the ribbon around my neck and it changed colour becoming blue white and changing pattern as I moved.


I know, this one was a bit disgusting too!

Here you are…I bet you need the toilet now, am I right?

Talk to you soon!



10 thoughts on “Dreaming of toilets #1

  1. Franny,I can assure you that I dream about toilets quite often, but then, I need to go quite often.People who know me will come up to me in public places and ask me where the restroom is, because they know that I will know!

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