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Yarrr #1 – Cheeky Shark Head

Well I love pirates and I don’t see why I shouldn’t introduce such a tag and category. I think I’m going to do a new series about my favourite scurvy dogs!

And what a better start could I find than this?

Following you’ll read what I think it is my second flash fiction attempt ever.

I found YA Buccaneers website reading among the blogs I follow. They host a monthly event called Walk the Plank. You can imagine already that the pirate part of me was just yelling “Yarrrr! Go for it!”

So I did and of course a pirate is the main character of this piece.

Now here are the rules copied from the website:


“And this month’s walk the plank theme: Adventure!


All ye buccaneers out there that are up for the task, well, all you need to do is write a short flash fiction story in 200 words or fewer, excluding the title, around this month’s theme of ADVENTURE!


For an extra challenge, begin your story with the words, “I set sail” (these three words will be included in the word count).


And for an even bigger challenge, use the same beginning words and end with the words: “my adventure continues!” (also included in the word count).


For those who want to prove their Flash Fiction prowess, hit all of the above challenges, PLUS, make your story 200 words EXACTLY!


Don’t forget to post your Flash Fiction submission on your blog and then come on back and share a link to your submission in the comments below!”


It cannot be clearer! So here it is my attempt! I hope you like it.



Cheeky Shark Head


“I set sail! That’s final!” Shark Head said.

“Why? You’re just an old stubborn man!”

“Woman, stop moaning!” he said spitting on the shark skin he was polishing “I don’t want to die on dry land!”

“But you could live many years keeping yourself hidden”

“Nonsense!” he said

“So I must be damned! I’ve saved you from the scaffold and that’s how you thank me!?”

“I have to admit it, to be a woman you did a darn good job! Now bring me rum and leave me finish me job!”

By the time the woman came back with the bottle, the old pirate had finished to polish the skin.

“Cheers!” he said and emptied half bottle.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked.

“Go to the execution dock and wait!” he said and set off.

He wore the shark skin on his head and after a while he passed right through the harbour close to the execution dock.

He whistled and yelled “You’ll never have me!”

He then turned his back, pushed down his trousers and shook his butt in the soldiers’ faces.

They shot at him but he was far away by then “Yarrr, apparently my adventure continues!”



Let me know what you think about that! Thanks! 


10 thoughts on “Yarrr #1 – Cheeky Shark Head

  1. Fun! My favourite line? “I have to admit it, to be a woman you did darn good job!” LOL High praise, indeed! 🙂

    Thanks for giving this a real go! It was awesome to have another pirate-lover join us this week! Yarrr!

  2. Fantastic job, Franny! Of course I’m totally biased, considering its about pirates and all! I hope you’ll stop by again in August and join us for another round of Walk The Plank!

    • That was the plan! I’m not sure but I could repeat myself and use pirates once again! I love them and I think they fit the flash fiction! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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