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Blog on the go! – Cranky

Good morning everyone,

this post will be a no post.

The truth is that it’s been three nights in row I had no much sleep, so I’m a bit wrecked.

I woke up at four last night, because it was too hot, and when I managed to close my eyes again Maya decided to wake up and play with the fairies attached to the wall above her bed.

So now I’m here in the living room, writing some silly things on my blog and trying to make them be logic.

I have a few post drafts already done but Peppa Pig and Thomas the train’s songs are getting too distracting, so that’s what I’ll do.

I’m going to put here a couple of videos of my little brother panda’s band, because I feel nostalgic. But I’ll post ballads because I saw the last episode of Spartacus last night and I’m still sad!!!

Sorry folks but this is the best I can do today, no point in waiting the afternoon, I’ll just get more tired and cranky!

BUT most certainly it’s worth the videos, which means that I put some great quality stuff on this page anyway! Let me know what you think about them!



These were taken by the DVD from their concert last year! They’re good aren’t day? For more songs you can find them on this channel.




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