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Blog on the go! – Slavery.

All right, I might admit that I’m a bit obsessed now with this topic. But it’s not even entirely my fault.

As I haven’t slept last night as well I decide to take it easy today but the topic chased me.

Taking it easier for me was keep reading and go a little be further with the archaeology volume I’m reading about Celts.

The chapter I was going through was the one about the structure of their society. And guess what I found out: they not only used to have slaves, but basically all those who weren’t druids, bards or knight weren’t considered much more.

So, considering that archaeology isn’t the funniest of the subjects and considering also that, although I’m trying not to think about the subject, the topic still comes back to me, I thought that I could well write this post.

You read my post about Spartacus and today I’ve just told you what I find out about Celts, but I’m sure to remember that all the ancient cultures had slaves.

Now they were considered barbaric societies and you can tell me that maybe this isn’t a big deal.

Although I’m forced to agree at some extent, what I’m thinking of are other questions: why in all the centuries of slavery only in Roman Empire someone tried to do something? Maybe I don’t know about the other servile rebellions? And this is intriguing me a lot; I’d love to know more. I know my studying waiting list is already long enough to fit this lifetime, but I hope I can come across some historic episode sooner or later to prove me ignorant.

The other consideration is: if it’s true what I’ve just stated, then why does slavery still exist in the present world? And bear in mind that it’s not necessarily the common slave-master issue I’m talking about. Exploited children and forced marriages are a form of slavery technically speaking.

You can read something here, again on Wikipedia. To be honest I didn’t even finish doing so, I’m sorry I was feeling sick.

What’s humanity problem? Why do people feel entitled to put some fellow human under his or her command and treat them like doormat?

These questions are generating a real panicking feeling lately…and I just wanted to share.

Ok, all right, I’ll try to calm down now, so I find a meme. Wouldn’t be nice it was like this? I’m thinking to a parallel reality in ancient Egypt!

Or I might as well use this issue I have with slavery in modern world to write a part of the book I’m planning. What if Spartacus ghost is a good one, for a change, and tries to save the modern slaves. Will the hunters defeat him or let him do?




What do you think about that?

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