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Save Spartacus!

I’m watching the third and final “Spartacus” season and I’m sadder and sadder as the episodes pass by!


I’m watching it slowly because my partner wants to wait for the Italian version (something that is frustrating me really, but at least if we don’t collapse on the sofa together every evening, then I’m afraid we can become strangers in a few months!), but I know how it is going to end.


I might not remember history in general but there are a few things that are impressed in my brain. The third servile rebellion led by Spartacus is one of them! I don’t even remember the first two but is known that Romans played very dirty in this one. As you know I can’t stand unfair things and if this isn’t an unfair thing, what is?


For those of you who didn’t follow the show or don’t remember the history, I can tell you a few bits.


Spartacus was a Thracian warrior captured by Romans and enslaved. He then became a gladiator and eventually managed to run away freeing an incredible number of slaves in southern Italy. For those of you who want to learn more about him, you can read the Wikipedia article here.

Now I’m aware of the fact that Spartacus might have been fictionalized a bit or more than a bit, like it happened with my other big love, William Wallace (who was just a bloodthirsty barbarian collecting enemies’ ears to do necklaces after he won his battles. He was right of course but the way he’s portrayed in the film is much better!), but that doesn’t change history facts and doesn’t change the fact that he did a lot of good actions.

This brings me to the same conclusion, such as the refusal that someone who fought for the freedom needed to be killed. It’s just unacceptable.

Now in the third last episode Crixus died and I was so sad that I almost cried, also because he was killed by that coward of young Tiberius who stabbed him in the back with a spear. Hence the following joke from my partner:  “Franny look they’re going to be killed…it’s the history. They can’t win”.

I know, I know.

The second last episode was the one where Crassus ‘son, coward and bastard Tiberius, was killed and to be honest I was glad because he was a very mean person.

In the same episode 500 slaves are freed by the Romans.

I have just one episode left, which will be the one in which Spartacus dies.

To be honest I might follow my partner advice: “Franny, you might well stop here, at least it looks like a happy ending!”

I’ll consider that!

I’ll leave you with an image taken from the show, just because let’s face the truth, the actors playing the story are very good looking…this is the only nice part of it…oh poor slaves….



6 thoughts on “Save Spartacus!

  1. My brother was very big in the epic dramas that came out in the mid 1960’s.He dragged my parents to a drive-in theater to see the old version of Spartacus with Kirk Douglas…and so they dragged me.I was very young and fell asleep…and woke up in time to see the end.It was not good for me at a tender age!
    Poor Franny; she hopes history will be kinder; I am so sorry, no.

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