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Dreaming of monsters

Here we are again.

I woke up this morning with still some images coming from a dream that I think lasted all night long. I feel almost tired for all the movement I’ve made.

I’m glad I jotted down some notes though. Bear in mind that I put down on a phone notepad the few bits I remembered and I‘ll try to be as more faithful as I can. The bothering part when I write down the dream is that I have to rush to put black on white before the images fade away.

It’s very different remembering the dream that I know it’s there from recalling the images from the notes I’ve made.

So stop blabbering.

It was action again. I was fighting monsters with a group of people. I remember we had to hide in a safe house. It was a dream made in dark colours, the sky was always foggy and plumb colour was the major shade around. It looked like a dystopian kind of reality like the new “Total Recall” just to make myself understood.

At some stage we entered in a lab through a huge metallic grate. We find out that there was a machine where putting two people inside you could create a third person or monster with a combined DNA. I wanted to destroy it but the person who was with me said “You know I’m going die soon so it’s better we see how it works. At least a part of me will stay with you!”

Then we were again in the safe house and we entered in a room that actually was my old brother’s room in my parent’s house. My friend D. was just up. He slept on the desk transforming it into a bed.

Then I woke up! 


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