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Research #3

Lately I’ve been mainly researching for the NaNo project of this November and as in work it might be very quiet during the mornings I printed the history of the world from Wikipedia.

It was very interesting going through the entire history once again. Ok, it was nice this time! When I was in school I kind of hated it but, not being forced on dates and details this time, I realize I remember more than I thought I would. And actually I learned even more!

I’m not a great planner and I might have been lucky, but doing so instead of picking a whole heavy book allowed me to think I was going towards the right way. The plan will be reading the history in general and then choose the parts I prefer. Once done that I’ll be able to go into details of the years or events that interest me most.

The only difficulty will be chose some events and periods, because up to the end of 1800 everything seems interesting to me!

Although I remember fairly well the history of Japan I need to re-read it again. For some reason Wikipedia decided not to include Japan in world history. It is so fascinating, I don’t really understand why.

The side effect of this study and also the unexpected part was that I could jot down a kind of chart I would use for Sonrisa.

One of the points I didn’t touch into details was Sonrisa’s history. And now I understand that it was maybe because I didn’t remember how the events unfolding works.

But now I have pretty general structure which I can work on!

So that’s that for the moment research wise!




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