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Dreaming of action

The past few days have been very, very busy and in work was too hot and definitely too full of brainless people!

Ah yes, and full of too under 18 student…no, I said that on purpose, because for reason still unknown to me or too difficult to fit my small brain we accept students under 18 although they’re not allowed to drink, of course, because it’s illegal here.

The other day I thought I went to work in the wrong place; I thought I entered a crèche by mistake.

But, why telling you everything here when I can do a ranting post about student, as I’ve done in the past blogs for the past 6 years!

Anyway, all this complaining was done with the only purpose of telling you I was very busy in the past few days and I had no time to write down for you the dream I had a few nights ago, more or less the one after the second fairy tale. The good part of this cool dream was that it featured Jensen Ackles as main character! Happy dream! 

So here is the dream:

Jensen was rushing into a villa to rescue I don’t remember who, in the vast garden of the villa there were all the traps you can think about plus a deadly number of guards (monsters and not). Jared (yes he was there too for a brief moment) was shot and took hostage by a man all dressed in black. He actually looked really like Matrix agent Smith. 

Jared was dragged all over looking for his brother; yes actually they were brothers in my dream as well. And Jensen was hid behind a palm tree. 

The “agent Smith” shouted at him telling that he got his brother and he was trapped, and without waiting any further he started to shoot form I don’t remember where hundreds of long nails that went to stick into the palm bark. 

And then I woke up.

Now, I know it’s pretty poor tale but I might have waited too long without taking notes, so it’s lucky I still fairly remember it. 

The positive side of it is that the scene was strong enough to remember at least a bit. So now I have a scene I can use for my NaNo book, of course changing the characters.

And I think that’s that for today.

I’ll talk to you Thursday if I’m still alive! I’ll have the weekend off this week. I can’t wait!

PS And for the ladies a picture of Jensen, just to make your day!



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