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Storytelling by night…again!

I don’t want to put numbers on this title, because I hope it won’t become a fixed appointment, but the night after the gnome story, Maya woke up again!

As a story, although silly, worked to put her to sleep I decided to make up another one. And as I’m creasy, I decided to try to use Sonrisa, my fantasy world, to make up a story for children.

This is probably why the following story doesn’t make any sense at all, less that the gnome one! But I told myself that if I had to try to make up a fairy tale, it was worth to try and use my fantasy world as well. But then again it was 4 am, it was the second night in row, I got distracted and so this is the disastrous result.

And for the records, I’m aware that what I’m writing doesn’t make any sense either, but better keep going rather than stopping at all!


The lizard princess

Once upon a time there were two princesses in the Heart Palace in Harmony Valley. Their names were Violet and Rose.

Rose was beautiful and everybody loved her. Violet was very jealous of her and although they were twins their colours were slightly different.

One day Violet was walking among her subjects and heard loads of them saying that the princess was very beautiful.

She thought immediately that everybody hated her because she had those dark violet shades of colours in her wings and she was sure they were talking about Rose.

She was so jealous that she decided to go to the village of the wizards in Ghost Land. Although fairies had magic, those witches were very, very powerful. They were the most powerful in all Sonrisa.

She wanted to ask them to make her sister ugly as she was.

So she left her room during the night and flew as far as she could towards east.

She was scared because there were dark lands in that direction and she heard many tales about them. However the very next to Harmony Valley was Dough Land, the country of the sweets and she thought it couldn’t be so bad.

In two days of travel she reached the Chocolate Lagoon and treated herself with some fresh chocolate. It was delicious.

After another day of flight she reached Sweet Moment and she managed to have a room for herself in the inn underground.

Finally after other two days she reached the middle of the Desert.

Violet was so tired of flying, anyway, that she had to ask a lizard to bring her for a while.

“I think I can bring you for a while, princess, but why are you going to Ghost Land”

“I want to find the most powerful which and ask her to make my sister ugly” she said.

“Why is it so?” the lizard asked.

“Because I want she understand what I feel”

“And how do you feel?”

“Sad because I’m ugly and nobody loves me”

The lizards started to laugh. Violet was very angry.

“Stop laughing” she said.

“Sorry, my princess, but it was too funny!”

“What’s funny?” she asked

“You don’t hate people because they’re different. I’m sure your sister is beautiful but you are also. You are maybe just a different beauty”

Violet wasn’t sure about that.

She turned away and started flying toward Ghost Land.

The lizard called her back but she didn’t turn.

At some stage there was a sand tempest and the princess got lost and on the top of that a huge bird started to fly above her.

“What a beautiful bird” she said.

She went closer to the bird attracted by its coloured feather and attracted his attention.

“Sorry, excuse me!” she called it.

The bird turned to the princess licked his mouth and dived towards her with its beak open. “Lunch, lunch, lunch!” it said.

Violet was scared and started to fly towards the ground until there was no place where to run away anymore.

“Please, stop!” she cried

The bird went closer and said “Why? I want to eat you!”

“But you’re so beautiful, you cannot possible be so mean!” Violet said.

“Thanks, but I’m hungry anyway!”

In that moment the lizard arrived and saved the princess, sending the bird away.

In the fight thought the lizard was wounded badly.

The princess was very sad and started crying.

In that moment a giant bee passed by and heard her cry.

“Why are you crying little girl?” she asked.

“I’m very sad; the lizard was hurt to save me. I wish I could bring her back to Harmony Valley. The guardians know for sure how to cure him”

The bee was moved and said “I’ve just finished my travel and I was going back home, but if you want I can bring you there”

“Oh, yes, please, I’m a fairy princess I’m sure you’ll be treated well as my guest”

The giant be then lifted the lizard and Violet and brought them back to Harmony Valley.

The guardians of the animals were the best vets of the whole Sonrisa and they cured the lizard with no problems.

Violet spent her days helping him to recover. Even after the lizard was better he remained in Harmony Valley.

Violet was so happy, because she understood that being different isn’t always that bad and also because she found a new friend.

From then on she was called the lizard princess.


So how awful is that?  Now I know I should make a picture myself, considering is my fantasy world, but I’m very tired and lazy as I said before and I decided to Google it. Compliments to the author of this pic I chose, she’s very pretty!

Once again I please invite you to tell me the errors you find! Also what do you think about this too? 


8 thoughts on “Storytelling by night…again!

  1. I started telling my kids stories, too, and I still do even when they are now old enough to tell me stories. You seem like a kindred spirit. I’m glad Violet made a friend, and did not ask for her sister to be uglier in the end. 🙂

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