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Storytelling by night

I’m aware that you might be sick and tired of me saying I can’t stand the heat anymore.

But still being so hot and not being able to stand it, I have only this and the following posts to offer you, and that’s the best my lazy butt can produce right now.

I’m not the only one to suffer the heat, also my sweet little child, being completely Irish, can’t sleep during the night.

And although last night she slept all right, the two previous ones she was very, very awake.

I’ve spent those nights up at around four, and although very tired, the only thing I could think about was to make up stories for her. Maybe all this theory and less practice make me miss writing too much…dunno!

I also had a couple of ideas for the blog but as I forgot to jot them down the only thing I’m left with are the stories.

Bear in mind that they of curse don’t make much sense being made up on the spot as I went along!

A gnome full of love

Once upon a time there was a garden gnome. He lived in a very nice garden. The owner of the garden was a gardener and he was very good in his job. His garden was the most beautiful of the whole neighbourhood. The gnome spent his days walking among the plants and flowers until one day he saw a hole giving on the next garden.

The garden next to his was very shabby looking and full of weeds. However, in the middle of the garden there was a beautiful plump lady gnome. Our gnome fell in love immediately with her and decided he wanted to go on the other side to meet the lady.

He waked in his garden all around the fence. He walked and he walked and he walked, but he couldn’t find a bigger hole in the fence.

He walked and he walked and he walked and he couldn’t find a passage underneath the fence.

He was very sad but he started to think. And thinking and thinking he decided that he wanted to climb on the other side.

He tried to climb the fence but he stumbled again of his garden.

In the evening the gardener found him next to the fence and put him back at the garden entrance.

On the other side of the door there was a ceramic orange and green turtle.

“Why are you so sad?” the turtle asked.

“Because I want to go on the other side but I don’t know how to do that, I’m too short to climb up the fence”

“I’ll help you gladly” the turtle said “You just have to take me to the fence. I’m too slow otherwise”

“Okay” the gnome said and went to bed happy.

The morning after, very early, the gnome lifted the turtle and brought her to the fence.

Once there, the turtle told the gnome to use her as stool and then climbed the rest of the fence and went on the other side.

The gnome did as he was told and thanks to the turtle he managed to stumble on the other side.

He ran to the lady gnome who was very scared because she was always alone in the garden.

“No, don’t be afraid of me!” the gnome said.” I want to marry you and bring you in my garden”

“Really?” she asked.

“Of course” the gnome said.

He took her hand and led her to the fence. But he had the same problem on this side too.  He couldn’t reach the very top.

He looked around and in the messy garden he found two bricks. With great effort he managed to bring them at the bottom of the fence and climbed on them before reaching the top of the fence.

After a great deal of work he managed to bring his lady gnome on the other side and then they reached the door just in time for the evening.

When the gardener saw the couple of the garden gnomes was very surprised but he liked it.

“Well, I don’t know how you arrived here, my dear, but you’re very welcome” he said.

And they lived happily ever after.

Thanks for whoever took this picture. It’s not mine, but it suits the story!

Note that no native speaker proofread the story, as you can imagine. If you find tragic mistakes let me know please!

Here you are? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Storytelling by night

  1. I think I have been missing not getting to the blogs I follow! I think this is a very cute story.
    If I can offer ONE suggestion,(since you asked). Most of the English-speaking world has taken on a very unfortunate habit; they have stopped differentiating between the words, “bring” and “take”. Everyone “brings” things places anymore. To “bring” is a motion towards you; to take is a motion away.Although many would not pick on the fact that the turtle said to “bring him to the fence”, it should really read “TAKE me to the fence”. It’s a bit confusing.You CAN say that you and I are going shopping, but you can’t find a sitter for your daughter and I might say,”Well, bring her along”, but it would be better if I said,”We can take her along with us!” You can say, “Bring her/it/them TO me”, but you’d want to say “Take them/her/it FROM me”. Many people have recently started to say, “Bring it/her/them TO her”, but it isn’t right. It is a pet peeve of mine. OK?
    I heard that it is very hot there this year.I hope it gets more comfortable for you.

    • It is very hot. I’m not used to this heat anymore. Actually I think I’ve never been! That’s why I love Irish Gothic weather!
      Thanks for the tip Tonette, I didn’t know that. I’ll try to keep it in mind! I appreciate it!

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