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Research time #2

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I’m researching urban legends and myths and history for the NaNo projects, along with other information about loads of things.

In the same post I remember telling you I was going to share with you the nicest or the weirdest things I’d find during my researches.

Here I want to share with you a couple of Japanese urban legends, I discovered the other day, while I was in work. Ok, I shouldn’t have done that, but still it was very quiet, no customers for the first hour and I become anxious if I just stare into the air…

So I was reading the papers I printed and I came across these Japanese urban legends (From Wikipedia):


Aka Manto (Red Cape)

Aka Manto is a spirit which haunts bathrooms, usually the last toilet stall in the women’s/girl’s bathroom. Some versions describe him as wearing a mask to cover his extremely handsome face, which had caused him stalking problems in life. When the unlucky victim is on the toilet, a mysterious voice will ask them if they want red paper or blue paper. If you answer red paper, you are killed violently and drenched in blood. If you ask for blue, you are strangled or bled dry, leaving your face/skin blue. Attempting to ask for any other colour of paper will result in hands appearing (sometimes coming out of the toilet you’re sitting on), that will drag you into the fires of hell. In other versions the ghost will simply ask you if you want a red vest and will then rip the skin from your back. He could also ask you if you want a red or blue cloak. The only answer that will spare the person is to refuse anything he offers.

I was so stupidly amused that within an hour all my colleagues knew about him. I couldn’t stop laughing for some reason. I know I sound creepy!

And I’m not telling you all of them but  I’ll share with you this second one

Fatal Fare

This story concerns a lone taxi driver making his way along a road during the night. Legend goes that a person will suddenly appear from the night darkness and hail the taxi. The person will only ever sit in the back of the car and will ask to be taken to a place the driver has never heard of. When the driver mentions this, he is assured that he will be given directions. The passenger then feeds the driver increasingly complex directions which leads them down streets and alleys, through many towns and even in some instances all the way from the city to the countryside. After traveling this distance and still seeming no closer to any destination, the driver becomes uneasy. He turns around to the back seat to ask the passenger exactly where they are – but he is suddenly shocked to find that the passenger has vanished. The taxi driver turns back to the steering wheel; only to drive off the edge of a cliff.


I immediately thought to adapt it to Ireland and use the spectacular Cliff of Moher, Co. Clare.

In the end I think I’ll use the both of them. The first one will get out the better sarcastic character of Grace and the second because it’s just so perfect.


So isn’t that cool!?







What do you think about that?

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