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Franny’s news#2

It’s news time again. The intermezzo will be Rufy’s Jolly Roger, from the manga and anime One Piece.

Bear with me but it’s too hot and I’m particularly lazy.  According to the forecasting I’ll be like it for a week or so.


Ireland is so hot now, I cannot believe it. My personal opinion is that some mythical or supernatural being dragged the whole island south wards.  Very southwards.  Also I have to admit that I can’t stand the hot weather anymore, I’m transforming into a gothic creature!


I extended again the return date for the library book about the life of Pagan Celts. I can be motivated but non-fiction it’s just not my priority or even my favourite. So it will take time, bear with me!


Tomorrow I have to go to work and it is going to be hot, but also full of tourist-zombies full of questions or rude/stupid things to say and I don’t really want to go.


I’m tired, my back is killing me and my tennis elbow isn’t improving and I feel more and more like 90 years old.


I won a competition on facebook. I just had to like some pictures and the winner would receive a key-ring as present. Everything is hand made.


Finally my cousin’s daughter decided to come over and she’ll stay here for the majority of August with my mum and us. It will be fun!


Maya started to love hiding under desks, tables and everything that can host her really. Another place where to look for her!



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