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Blog on the go! – Question

Now scrolling down the page on Facebook the other day I came across this image:

I was taken aback, because, hey, it’s a really good question. And I tried to answer.

The first answer was just a big hysterical laugh.

The second answer was “Of course!”

The third was “Of course but I’ll jump straight to the end!”

It’s funny, isn’t it? I mean this is what I do all the time. I never mind spoilers or reading the finale of books or films. I often go to have a look at the end of a book just to enjoy better the part in between (with my partner’s great distress as he hates spoilers!).  So why not?

But then I thought about that again and I realized that actually the end of the book will be my end, unless I’ll find a potion for the eternal life which seems unlikely because I’m a human being living in a  real world!

And don’t tell me that in the real world these kinds of books don’t exist. That’s not the point.

Can you see it already? I start to freak out and to abandon the logic realm…and that is because I’m scared.

The more likely reaction to such a book would be for me to stare at the cover, petrified because finally I’d find out details about things like my death or the one of the people I love…a topic that absolutely scares me. And yes, I know that we’re afraid of the unknown, but the though just makes me panic!

I’m almost sure that after thinking about that, trying to calm down after a long chat with my best friends, my partner, my mum, my colleagues and maybe even the butcher, maybe I’d decide to open it and read it.

So what do you think? I’m curious, what would you do?



8 thoughts on “Blog on the go! – Question

  1. I would think on a certain scene of the Matrix, where Neo meets The Oracle for the first time. She warns him about the vase before he breaks it. After he breaks it, she tells her “would it be still broken if I hadn’t told you anything?”
    The second thought I would have is Master Oogway’s words. “A man usually runs into his destiny on the way he takes to avoid it.”
    From there I conclude knowing the future is not helpful nor healthy and might just rush you to all those things you would not want to live. 😉
    Coolest post, Franny!

  2. That’s a great question, Franny. It really makes you think, doesn’t it? For me, the way I feel at this very moment, I would love to know how certain issues in my life right now turn out. But would I read it all the way to the end? Doubtful.

  3. I think I would, but it would be a mistake.I would have run the other way screaming if I had jumped ahead and seen some of what I have had to face…now that much of it is over,I am glad to have done it,or if not glad, than at least I can see what good has come from it all…if only to make me more sensitive to other people’s problems.I would, but I might screw up with space-time continuum by , as I said, screaming and running the other way~!

  4. Great question. I think I’d eventually look at it, even though I know I shouldn’t. I don’t really want to know the future, but if it was just sitting there…. Perhaps it would be best to burn it or something?

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