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Research time #1

As I mentioned more than once I’m researching material for my books and world building. I know that I’m writing high fantasy mainly but I want my world to be as more believable as possible.

I decided I’m going to inform you about my progresses.

I’ll try to reach two aims in doing that: firstly to push myself in doing more, as I’m not very good at that, and secondly I might do something wrong so it would be a chance to get feedbacks from other writers.

Also my project for NaNo ’13 will be urban fantasy again (I’m becoming a big fan of it) so I have to be more specific.

On the top of that, I have to tell you the truth, I love researching. For a while, basically when I was preparing my graduation thesis, researching was my favourite part over writing.

But then when I started to put words on paper I realized that it was writing that made me feel very good.

I will never be able to thank enough my professor G. A. who understood me and let me free to express myself! I owe him a lot!

But let’s start to describe what I’m doing at the moment.

As I always do, I have a huge problem in prioritizing even in researching. An advice would be highly appreciated. In other words, I haven’t a clear idea where to start, because I’m aware that I’d love to know things but I’m a big ignorant!

At the moment I’m studying “The everyday life of the pagan Celts” by Anne Ross.

It’s basically archaeology manual I’m going to use for my NaNo project.

I’ve uploaded on my phone the Atlas of world history.

As I’m very ignorant and I would need to involve some hint of history in my novel, I must learn more about the overall history.

Again for my next project and at some extent for Sonrisa as well I printed a few pages about urban legends and Japanese urban legends.

And last, from time to time I open flowerfile.com. It’s a nice website containing a lot of pictures and info about flowers and plants. I’d need that to get inspired for my fairy side of Sonrisa. Just to think mainly to what I could use as dresses or armour or houses and so on.

Said that I’m going to tell you already that these kinds of new tag and category will host not only the summary and update of what I’m researching, but also the funniest or the weirdest things I’ll find.

And I think that’s that for the moment.

Do you have any suggestion?


8 thoughts on “Research time #1

  1. If all this is stuff you are interested and want to know, I would say learn as much as you can so that when you do sit down to write, all the knowledge will be in your head and you won’t have to stop as often to check on things.
    Good luck!

  2. Franny I think you have a great plan for making yourself ready to put together some great novels. Keep up the good work and soon you will be known across the globe.

    • I only wish that what you said will become true! There are so many information around and so many things I want to know and the time I have is not much! Let’s see!

  3. Researching is really fun and a great skill to have. One of the hardest parts is narrowing your research and keeping everything organized. If you can stay organized, then you can research well. You’ll also remember information and know how to weave it into your writing 🙂

  4. Franny, I agree with you that organizing and prioritizing are big problems. And for me, I try to do some general research beforehand, as you are doing now. But I find if I focus too much on that, I will never get to the actual writing – which is the most important thing! So, I sort of research as I go along. This may or may not be helpful, or even good practice, but it seems to work for me. Although, I have never participated in NaNo before (giving it lots of thought) and I understand how intense it is so, perhaps research beforehand is the best thing for this.

    • Thanks for sharing Lashell! Actually you see, my problem…another problem is that I have to research because I won’t feel good writing something just to fill in the pages untill I find what I was looking for!
      Try NaNo at least once, it’s fun! Promise!

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