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Blog on the go!- Studying

You all know already my passion for Supernatural and I’m happy to tell you that I’m watching it again!

This girl who’s staying with us seems to like it, and as she’s never seen it, I gladly agreed to watch it with her…sometimes it’s necessary to do some sacrifices.

This will turn out to be useful considering that the idea I have for NaNoWriMo this year concerns supernatural genre.

Now the reasoning behind what I’m planning to do is something I’m going to disclose in another post, maybe closer to November, but I can share with you something else.

While I’m watching the show, this time I’m taking notes.

And if something inspires me or I think it’ll be useful I’ll go deeper in researches!

Although I think my curiosity will force me to research about everything at least superficially!!!

I think that curiosity is one of my strengths, maybe it’s one of the must have characteristics for writers, but at the same time it’s one of my biggest problems.

I always forget to consider that I can’t possibly acquire information about everything. I forgot sometimes that I’m just a human being who, among the other problems, has not so much spare time. You know already the tight routine I’m trying to squeeze myself in.

On the top of that I’m trying to research and study about everything like archaeology, history, folklore to name a few. The things I would like to learn, and mind I haven’t done much yet unfortunately, will be necessary to create a few characteristics of my Sonrisa a few elements of my future supernatural/urban fantasy stories.

In the end what I’m trying to say is that I think I’m not so normal but I want to keep trying.

I was told once that human mind is like a bucket, when it’s full it’s full.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Blog on the go!- Studying

  1. #1 My grown niece had been trying to get me to watch Supernatural for years.I got Netflix and my husband and I got hooked…we did 7 seasons in one! Now are waiting for last season to be released so we can catch up…enough said…we are so addicted.

    I think a brain is more like ground; some are more fertile, some are made of clay.Too much info is like too much water at a time on the ground…a little at a time can sink in, too much and some runs off.(and if your clay is packed, nothing is sinking in!
    I think you have a great brain, Franny.Your English is fantastic;I’m sure your Italian vocabulary must be incredible.Give yourself credit, you are interested in so much.You are not a machine.(Lt Cmd.Data?)

    • Thanks Tonette! First of all I want to say I know the feeling. Supernatural is just awesome! And Jensen Ackles is gorgeous but also very good actor!!! And for the rest I like your way of seeing a brain! I should think so!
      And thanks, although I think you’re overestimating me, I appreciate it!

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