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Franny’s daydream #1

Sorry for keeping you waiting, but I had some changes in my house lately and while I’m trying to adjust to the new situation the following post will be interesting but one of the shortest I’ve ever produced for you!

Let’s talk about daydreams! And doing so I’m going to introduce you a new category and tag!

I usually daydream, I’ve always done it. What about?


If I wanted something, if I liked someone I used to daydream. 

To tell the truth I keep doing that… constantly. The only problem, strictly connected with it, is that I often end up in being disappointed.

Take as example the last one I had. When I was going to go to Listowel I kept dreaming about my one to one with the teacher, and I always dreamed about her telling me how good I was or offering me to publish my stuff.

You can say I was fool, I know I was, but sometimes my fantasy takes over and I don’t think properly and I let the flow of thoughts go, simply because it is pleasant.

Considering this particular aspect of the phenomena, actually, I’d say that my imagination creates problems the most of the times.

Of course when in my head everything is just roses, a tiny torn in the finger is perceived like a claymore into the eye!!!!!

So, when things turn out not right or as I aspect them, on the top of the disappointment that it’s normal to feel in these cases, I feel like someone who has been buried alive during an earthquake.

I’m not here to keep ranting about that experience but it was the most recent and handy and less personal example I had at hand.

Now one of my biggest day dreams is to become a writer, of course, but there are so many ways it could happen that I’ve never focused on one daydream.

But I know something.

If I’ll ever become a writer I know already that my aim isn’t having a movie done out of my stories.

What I want is a Ghibli Studio animation movie.

You know that guy who decided to transform Diana Wynne Jones books into movies or the Mary Norton’s borrowers into the fantastic Arietty movie?

Here you have

Hayao Miyazaki sensei!

He’s one of my personal hero and source of inspiration. My dream is to meet him one day and to be lucky enough to inspire him with one of my stories.

How creasy I am? 


18 thoughts on “Franny’s daydream #1

  1. Keep working on it, you never know!
    (In reality it’s probably right up there with me wanting to meet Sakurai Atsushi, but hell, we can always dream, right?)

  2. His son is making movies now — Tales from Earthsea. I agree completely about the dad, though — WOW. I’d be so happy if he wanted to make a movie from one of my stories. How cool would that be?

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