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Baker’s Dozen Fiction Story, chapter 11

In April I came across Joe’s blog and I joined his group of writers in the attempt to create a short story! Now it’s my turn and you can read following my chapter.

I want to thank Joe for the opportunity he gave to me, the other Baker’s dozen fictioneers for the support and my friends Christina and Kevin for the help in correcting the grammar. The shadow of my self-confidence still feels sore after the bad comment received by the editor! So native speakers’ correction was a must!

So here it is:



Forrest was staring into Chrissie’s eyes but his brain was working frenetically and trying its best to recollect the thoughts and the happenings of the previous couple of days.

It seemed Forrest wasn’t supposed to trust those who were asking to be trusted or to believe those declaring the truth. Also, he thought once again, he was just an ordinary software engineer. Why him?
He was even sick and tired of repeating these things to himself…he actually started to hate himself.

He was interrupted in his train of thought by two men who pulled them out of the helicopter and pushed them forwards without ceremony.

Another pair of the kidnappers were waiting for the party at the top of the stairs. It was just then that Forrest noticed they were Asian and weren’t dressed as military but more in the style of old Bruce Lee movies. There was an exchange of words, brief and in an oriental language.

“What is it?” Forrest heard Chrissie saying.

He didn’t even realize that she was tightly gripping on to his shirt until then.

Forrest just shook his head. He pulled himself together and decided that from then on he had to pay attention to what was going on. No point in despairing and no time to feel weak anymore.

No distraction this time.

The stairs they descended were metal, the kind you would find at the top of a skyscraper.

They reached the base of the helipad and they were pushed through a door. Forrest didn’t say anything but his rage was reaching higher and higher levels. Flashbacks of his childhood were coming back to him, but he didn’t push them back this time. He tried to remember instead, something that had been dormant for the past twenty years.

He tried to remember the faces, the voices connected with his father. He remembered the trip they took to Greece. It was then he remembered that had been the first time he had seen the dress the men in front of him were wearing now.

Immersed in his thought he was barely aware of the surroundings.

He connected with the present again only when they were led into an office and when he saw Ross sitting on a chair behind a huge desk.

“Welcome, Forrest!”

Forrest didn’t answer, he was forced into a chair and the same treatment was given to Chrissie.

“Don’t you want to introduce me your friend?” asked Ross

“No, not really!” Forrest said.

He heard the door opening once again and a man entered the room. Angie was dangling from his shoulders. He just threw her on the couch in the farthest corner of the room. Then he went closer to the desk and chucked the medallion in front of him.

Ross nodded at them to go and they left the room, leaving Forrest staring at the chubby old man in front of him.

“So you have what you want now, Ross” Forrest said.

“No, not entirely” Ross said.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that this one” he lifted the medallion in front of him “It’s a fake!”

He got up from the chair, walked around his desk and sat on the edge.

“Would you be so kind as to tell me where the original is?”

Forrest felt in danger once again, but he stuck to his resolution to be stronger.

“You could ask your daughter, it seems she knew better than me!”

“You’re the owner!”

“Well I don’t know! So what? Do you want to kill me? Be my guest!”

Chrissie started crying at his side.

Ross stared into Forrest eyes for a split second and then said.

“Very well, I’m a patient man, Forrest, I can wait and I want to show you that I’m also a gentleman”

He went back to his desk again and pushed the interphone.

“Take them away”

A couple of the saffron dressed men came in and again in silence and not too delicately, brought them away.

After a long walk they entered a huge suite. There was food and all they needed to get a change of clothes.

“It seems the baddies are not like in the old movies anymore!” Forrest said and laughed almost hysterically.

When the door was closed and locked behind them Chrissie went closer to him and started pleading “Forrest, please, can you tell me what is going on? Why are you here? Why am I here? Where are we?”

For the first time Forrest managed to relax a notch and embraced Chrissie with all the sweetness he had left.

“I’m sorry, honey, I’m very sorry. I don’t know!” he said.

She started sobbing and then slowly calmed down. Forrest could hear his heart drumming on his ribs, and hers as well in such tight embrace as they were.

“Everything will be all right” he said, not entirely convinced.

He felt her unbuttoning his shirt and once again confusion was flooding his brain.

An intense heat hit him once he felt Chrissie’s lips on his torso and her hands going along his spine. He turned down and he saw she was in her lingerie already.

“Chrissie I…”

“Let’s go in the shower together, c’mon…” she whispered.

Forrest wasn’t surprised this time and after an initial sense of winning, detached the girl from him.

“Chrissie what have you just…”

But he couldn’t finish the sentence.

The door was knocked down and a blond fury came in armed with a gun.

It was Angie; her face was covered in blood.

“Leave him alone!” she ordered Chrissie.

Forrest looked at her and then at the woman next to him and once again he felt lost. He tried to shield Christina with his own body but Angie shot at his shoulder, aiming to hurt him just slightly.

“Stop it! You have no clue who she is!” Angie said.

“Well I had no clue who you were either!” Forrest said.

It was then that Chrissie jumped from behind him, disarmed Angie and the two women started an intense and tight fight.

Forrest couldn’t move. He admitted for a split second that he dreamed about that during his lonely nights but he didn’t see it happening for real.

He decided that despite the confusion he was feeling inside his head this was the time to go away and hide somewhere.

Once on the threshold though, he found his face level with Angie’s.

“What?!” he said.

“Move!” she yelled.

She pushed him aside, lifted the crossbow she had in her right hand and yelled once more “You’ll now die, bitches!”

She aimed to the two women fighting on the floor.

After a few idle shots she managed to hit Angie, the other Angie, in the neck and Chrissie straight into the heart.

“Nooooooo!” yelled Forrest and he fell on his knee to vomit.

After that he felt a burning sensation and nothing anymore.


“Brother” Forrest heard a familiar voice calling him.

He opened his eyes but couldn’t move. He was aching all over.

“What are you doing here?” he said once he focused on the face of his sister. He turned around and saw a high room. The walls were irregular and it was cold.

After a while he managed to sit up and having a better look around, he realized he was in a cave. He had been cured.

“What are you doing here?” he repeated.

“Brother is here as well!” she said without answering.

His younger brother came closer then accompanied by the other Angie and a very old shrunk Asian man.

“Can you please explain to me what is going on?” he pleaded.

The old man jumped on a stool, asked Forrest’s younger siblings to turn their backs to their brother and lifted a bucket full of hot water.

He poured it on the left shoulder of both of them and Forrest could see that with the heat a line started to form, and then a drawing, and then after a while he understood. The pictures he could see were forming part of what looked like the medallion.

“You have the third part of the front side, Forrest” the old man said.

“This explains why everybody was so eager to have a shower with me lately!” he said.


8 thoughts on “Baker’s Dozen Fiction Story, chapter 11

  1. Franny I thought it is a great addition. You have me very excited about the closing chapter. I may have to compose a novella to bring it home.

    • Thanks Joe! To tell the truth I had a piece of paper full of notes! The writing got me so into the story I had to force me to stop! I’m curious how you and David will finish it!

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