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Franny’s news #1

Introducing the new tag and category: Franny’s news. In busy times or simply when I decide to, I’ll write under this category news about me, the updates you have to be informed about. In other words I’ll let you do my business!

Let’s get started!

I know I’ve been a bit like a fugitive lately but this week and the one before were the heaviest weeks of the month as this weekend I’ll be off! This means that I’ve worked Saturday, Sunday and yesterday…in other words I’m very, very tired!
Unfortunately doing ten hours shifts means that weekends are the busiest days and the patience and ability to stand rude and stupid customers are a bigger challenge. Also summer weekdays are very busy. I let you only imagine what a summer weekend looks like!
Tomorrow and Friday I’ll be in work once again and I fear already the horde of zombies I’ll have to face.
Sorry for the rant but bear with me for the summer!


If you’re following my blog you know that in a couple of days will be my turn for the new instalment of the Baker’s dozen fiction story. I’ve read again the pieces already published and I’ve been taking notes. I have an idea on how develop the story and as I said more than once I only hope to reach the expectations. Again as you saw for yourself the standard is very high and I’m just under the average!!! Let’s see what I can come out with!


My emails reached once again the limit but the time I had was limited, even tighter than usual, so I had to leave something behind. I will read your post for sure but it’ll take time!


I’m going slower in the reading of “A game of thrones” and I think that this month I won’t reach the target of one book, but I’ll try to get faster. I love it anyway, Martin is such a genius!


After having a look at the costs of the potential expedition to Rome next year we decided to give up on the Supernatural conference. I’m fidgeting with the idea to be able to go to Vancouver and be able to meet one of them on the street! Ah silly me…but full of hopes!


I think this is all for the moment!

I’ll see you on the next post! 


20 thoughts on “Franny’s news #1

  1. I have to say I am looking forward to Chapter 11 of The Baker’s Dozen! I thought Chapter 9 was excellent, of course, and Lashelle move the story along nicely… clinging to him like a frightened kitten… I loved that line.

    But, I have to take you to task. Never say this again… I’m just under the average. Your chapter should be in the mail now… I’m waiting to see where Forrest goes next.

    • Hey Ted I haven’t had the chance to answer before…Ok, I’ll try not tell again, but it’s the truth that I feel that way the most of the times. I love writing but there is a part of me that keeps keeping me back for some reason.

      • Well guess what Franchesca… You are not alone. Every writer feels that way, especially at first. Unfortunately some never get over it… so you get over it. The fact that you are really writing this year tells me something… you have something to say… and people want to hear. I think I left that feeling behind when I came to the realization that everything I do does not have to be perfect. I am not trying to win any awards. Just writing for fun… my fun, and anyone who wants to read. You will find that people genuinely enjoy reading your words… the serious and the silly. And sometimes, we write some crap, so what??? You might like to do some writing at The Trifecta Writing Challenge… you may have and I may have missed, but if not I think it is a valuable writing exercise… two prompts per week… do them if you feel inspired… you will find Joe, Jennifer, David and I there… I hope I didn’t leave anyone out… here is my latest with a link to Trifecta… http://tedstrutz.com/2013/06/21/trifextra-week-seventy-three-always-something/

        I’ll leave you alone now… As Meher Baba said. “Don’t Worry Be Happy”… just put it out there with no apologies.

      • Ahaha thanks Ted for your words and for your link! I’m going to have a look as soon as I can! One of my biggest problems is time!!! And speaking of, I’m going to publish a silly post in a while! 😀

  2. Franny… Why are you going to Vancouver? And if you do… I live on an island about 50 miles away in the USA… hey that rhymed!… you must come to visit… I’ll introduce you to my son-in-law Declan Place… he is from Dublin.

    • Ahahah good rhyme! Well it’s a long story! My friend Christina is Vancouver addicted and I like Canadian people, it’s just love without having been there before…love=lack of explanation why! So in the very beginning I wanted to visit Halifax and try their lobsters (a workmate comes from there).Lately we decided to try and go to the studios and try to say hi to Supernatural cast as the convention was so, so expensive that a travel and a stay in Vancouver seemed cheaper! It was a joke really at the very beginning! It stays that I want to visit Canada!

    • I’ve been to Rome already loads of times, John and I love it! It’s one of my favourite Italian cities. It was the convention I’ve never been to! I guess I have to content with the comic’s expo in Lucca! (Another of my favourites)

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