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It seems that lately my passion for TV series drove me mad as it used to do years ago.

I’ve always loved TV series, so much that when they decided to put the channel FOX dedicated to them I thought I could go insane!

So in a very brave way I decided that that I had to force myself to choose what I wanted really to watch, otherwise I could have spent hours, days or even months doing nothing but hanging in front of the TV.

Doing this way I narrowed the range to the ones I really liked, fantasy or comedies mainly, although thrillers fascinated me since I was very young and I used to watch Perry Mason before going to bed.

So excluding the great crush on McGyver I had when I was 9, I used to enjoy a lot of them: The Nanny, Dharma and Greg, Charmed, Buffy the vampire slayer, Everybody loves Raymond, Heroes, Supercar, Hulk, Wonder woman, to mention a few spread through all my life.

For a while I followed E.R. but I had to stop to watch it because of my hypochondria. Also I had to leave Dr. House after a while too, as, although medically speaking more complicated and impossible to understand, it was making me anxious.

Then it came the period of the thrillers like Criminal minds, CSI, and lately NCIS and the fantastic Copper. (I’m so looking forward to the second season!)

I honestly have to watch them in waves as after a few episodes I start to check the entire house before going to bed!

But the one that at the moment I’m a little obsessed with, or in other words the one that is driving me crazy is this one:


Yes, and if you get to know me a bit, and you’ve followed my blog for a while you know that my favourite is:


I know that I behave now like a 15 years old, but like someone said: it’s kind of normal as it’s one of the purposes of Television’s business. They’ve made it!

Lately I’ve become upset because one of my dearest friends suggested to go to Supernatural convention.

Now I’m not upset because she suggested it, I’d love to, mainly because all the pictures I’ve seen of her conventions (although on different TV shows)! They make me feel I want to go all the time.

However the price is prohibitive. I explain. Apparently there are two conventions near me or doable for me, the one in Birmingham and the one in Rome. I wanted to go to Rome because I could leave Maya at my mum’s but the more I looked into the prices the more I was oppressed by the anxiety!

The best pass is 425 euro and to that one you should add all the extra bits you want to book and to buy.

In fact, on the top of the pass I had to add the plane to bring Maya to grandma, the train to reach Rome, the stay in the hotel, the food for three days as a minimum.

Ah and I forgot to tell that everything was supposed to be multiplied per two as my partner was going to come with me! In the end with the basics we were over 1500 euros.

We love the show, my partner introduced to me, curse him (just kidding!) but such amount of money is insane!

Now I won’t talk right here about my hatred about money and gaining money and so on because I want to keep the atmosphere light, but still, it’s incredible that once again is the vile money to move everything.

Anyway I’m thinking how to sort the thing out and to be honest I’d love to go to Birmingham instead (we still don’t know why is cheaper!), even if my favourite actor for the moment hasn’t been announced yet. (He’s in Rome thought….shush I know, I know!) but still I’d have the problem of where to leave Maya (bringing her with me is something we think not doable as a small kid is like trapped in this way).

I was so upset and anxious yesterday that I told my partner “What we can watch tonight? I don’t want to watch Angel (is the nowadays substitute of Buffy that I’ve seen for hundreds times already), because is making me feel anxious (the hook of the last episode said that he must kill his child) Do you have anything else?”

He looked at me and said “Arrooooooow!”

I wasn’t so sure as he spent last weekend going around the house saying “Arrooooow! Arrooooow! Arrooooow!”…he has to watch something while I’m in work!

But then I told to myself “Why not!?” and I started…

Without even realizing it, I spent almost 3 hours solid in front of the TV! I was totally hooked.

Action, that’s what I forgot, I needed pure action and fights to feel better!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is my new obsession:





10 thoughts on “TV series

  1. Arrow surpassed my expectations, although for action shows… if you don’t mind the r-rated bits, I loved Strike Back.
    Still, guilty pleasures included Chuck and Leverage.

  2. OMG,Franny`! My husband and I are completely addicted to Supernatural! (I LOVE Dean Winchester!My absolute favorite).
    I have avoided Arrow so far;I was afraid I’d get hooked. After reading this post,I don’t know whether I am am convinced to stay away or if you now have me totally curious!

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