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Ok, considering that this morning I woke up with a polemic mood, I decided that the best thing to do will be posting my dreams. I haven’t updated the page for ages, but I haven’t stopped dreaming. So it’s more than fair update you too!

My huge problem is that I let myself to be convinced to enter a fairy tale competition…in Italian…on an Italian website. I’ll wait to calm down and I’ll fill you in on this part.

I’m just upset that once again I have to confirm that Italians can’t do things in an honest way! Oh dear…

Anyway, here is my dream, fist one is from this morning before opening my eyes!

Gathering all my notes I realized that there are less than I remembered, I should write them all down!



I was into an arena similar to the ones from ancient Rome. We had to kill monsters and we were kept as slaves. After a huge bloody fight I don’t remember about, I found myself in the centre of the arena surrounded by loads of monsters/demons corpses. I managed to leave the place and find a nice spot into the wood. There was a wooden house surrounded by cherry trees and flowers. It looked like a fairy tale house indeed. I entered and there was something sad and strange about the environment. There was a small entrance with a small table leaning against the wall and two white used dishes, someone ate into. I entered then in a huge living room.

It looked like a hunter house with a touch of old lady living room.

 There was a lady with her middle aged son. They didn’t look surprised I was there and the lady wanted to do pancakes. She went to a cooking corner I hadn’t noticed coming in and began to cook them. Her son gave her instructions and his preferences.

When they were ready I didn’t trust to eat them because I was afraid they might poisoned. The son took a bite from mine and went “You see? They’re ok!”

Unfortunately the only reason they could do that was because they were immune to that poison…



Someone who was a mixture between my partner and an actor I love (but I can’t exactly remember who he was at the moment) had to go away.

“Can I go with you?” I said.

“Of course you can, and I’ll make sure you’ll forget later” he said hugging me.

So I reached the upper floor while the others were watching the TV.

I tried to tidy up the bed, and the desk and at the same time I tried to think if would remember after he was gone at least something or whether I’d miss my partner.

While I was changing my clothes my dad entered into the room and hugged me. I was ashamed because I was changing my clothes but also I was in hurry because I had to go to him otherwise he’d go back to the moon and I had at least to say goodbye …

(a bit confused, right?!!!)



I don’t remember the beginning of the dream but eventually I was in a post office and I was with my colleagues Liz, H.K and Rhonda as team leader, she was shouting orders and told me to jump on the position that unfolded under my eyes after dethatching from the wall…

(I might have some work issues…)



A ex robber wanted to become a chef. Someone wanted to kill him.

We left my aunt’s place and mould (don’t ask me what I wanted to say here because I have no clue!) so we arrived into a Hockey stadium.  Here old team members ambushed us. We ran away and we entered into a motorbike shop, the robber pretended to be dead.

After that he went into a club to warn a lady.  She seemed frightened and rushed back into the kitchen. However an unknown woman told him not to trust the lady.

Gordon Ramsay was at one of the side tables with other four people and saw him. Enraged because he was alive he threw at him something white and stunned him.

He managed to reach a small allay around there. They attacked him, they were four of them and they blackmailed him “Either you come back into the group or we’ll kill you”.

He refused and they beat him badly. They took him to the hospital and threw him into the emergency entrance.

The morning after he went out of the hospital, he was dressed with a dirty jumper that used to be red. He wondered around in a market outside the hospital area and wanted focaccia with fennel and I cannot remember exactly what he was screaming but one of the things was “Is it possible to have this damn focaccia?”…..



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