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Writers groups

After a few sunny days it’s again typical Irish weather, but I like it as it is, so although I appreciated the summer like week, I feel more comfortable with the Gothic sky on my head, mainly because it inspires me the most of the time.

The reason why I’m writing this post still comes from my disastrous weekend spent in Listowel.

Don’t you worry, this should be the last rant post (I’ll probably post a couple of writing exercises I’d done during those hours, just because I like the outcome!) but I had to write it because I’m still trying to perfect the action to take and doing something to improve, or like someone said prove her wrong.

That’s why I’m thinking about an advice I was given.

Yesterday I spent a very nice day with Maya and my friend Christina. I can’t thank her enough for the constant support to me, to my writing and my creasy thoughts. She agreed on the positive feedbacks I received from you guys, so this encouraged me once again to keep going.

She’s been following me since I tried my first English writing, Arilla, something that was supposed to be about a girl travelling through the under the sea kingdom and ended up looking like a display of all the absurd things she could eat during her travel making her look like a barrel on legs!

Well, it was my first experiment in English and I only had tried to write a book in Italian about pirates before that, so…

But anyway, I was going to say something else.

One of the suggestions I received from the people that were at the workshop with me was to have a look at writers groups as they might help with constructive feedbacks.

This lady who gave me the suggestion said that back in Cork she found a group of fantasy writers. They were just four, but they were committed, honest to each other and it was a very good support.

I tried to have a look at the writers group on the area I live in but there isn’t much. Plus, I think that it would be difficult to find a specific YA fantasy writers group.

So I thought that maybe doing it on line would be a great solution.

But how should I do that?

So here is my invite and question:

If I wanted to form an on line writers group how should I do it?  Where should I start? Does anybody know about a good one? Does anybody want to volunteer to start one anew?

I’d highly appreciated your time and help!

Thanks in advance!



14 thoughts on “Writers groups

  1. Joining an online writers group is a great idea. Members don’t need to worry about location and it can be easy to find the first one. I thought about starting one a while back, but I’m just too shy to do it. I’m a member of the NaNoWriMo Facebook group, but I don’t check in as much anymore. It’s a great group of people, just shy about posting in a group with 19,000 people. I usually come in during NaNoWriMo times, though.

    Workshops are great too, although I’ve never joined one online. 🙂

    • Hey we can try, let’s just find a couple of heads more and then we can fix the “rules” and so on! It’s very simple to me, I’m looking for any constructive feedback and sincere people to talk with!
      I just don’t like free compliments if the person doesn’t think what she/he says. And I hate lies! I’m as simple as that!

  2. I have thought it would be nice to have a ‘writing partner’, too.I think you want what I want, which is support, but good, honest, critiquing, right? People/a person who can tell you to do better and catch your mistakes, without being unkind or acting out of jealousy, right? I either get people who are super-critical or those who gush when I want honesty. I am in an intellectual desert where I live now.and I don’t know that my writing fits in any category;I do a lot in several genres.
    Sounds like we’re in the same boat.

      • I’m all over the place, Franny! I started out as a lyricist, then I got into re-telling stories, I have written mysteries. I wrote a play last year.I am talking myself into making it into a story,(it’s terribly hard to get anyone to read a play).I have a couple of short stories that want to be novellas.And I write poetry, traditional and free-style. Maybe I have multiple-personality disorder!

      • I would say is versatility! You can start trying fantasy and we can work together!!!!!! If you have twitter you can tweet me about that and see what we can do!

  3. I have not had internet connection but I read this one. If you want to get in contact with a community of writers, Fantasy_writing yahoo groups is for you. They are all writers, they often write flash stories to get feedback from one another. You might like it!

  4. Does anyone know what happened to the Fantasy Writing group that was suggested? I was a lurker there for a long time, then things happened and I lost track of it for a while. Went looking for it earlier, and it has disappeared. I would like to know what happened, and when, and if they did move, where to? Thanks Theresa

    • We actually haven’t started one yet, as we weren’t really a group but we can talk about that if you want! This after November anyway, because I’ll be busy with my NaNoWriMo now!

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