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The plan!

As you might remember I was looking for a plan, a routine or a way to make my life a bit more productive and possible easier (I wouldn’t bet on this though!)

Now I know that I’m dragging myself around, I work 30 hours on 3 days, I have the baby the rest of the time and it’s just me and my partner here…and I know that the most common advice I receive is to relax when I can or when the baby sleeps but still, if I did I’d feel guilty and anxious because I’m wasting time!

If you got to know me a bit, you know also that I have to do something, in particular after I received the shocking feedback I shared previously with you!

Thinking hard at least I tidied up my thoughts.

So the plan now is concentrating on the grammar and the reading for the moment. I decided at least until November, when I’ll try my NaNoWriMo and check on the results.

I was suggested to look for a class but I have to see into that one as I don’t know where to leave the baby while there!

In this case I have to change my kick my butt challenge too.

So the plan, that sounds also as a routine, considering what I can do with Maya awake and with Maya asleep goes as follows(or at least it should):

Morning: I can manage to do a couple of things with Maya, so I’ll have a look at the emails and I try to do a draft of the blog post.

Nap time: it’s not much; I’d publish the blog post and then study grammar. I’ve started from the very beginning again and this time I want to make it, because let’s say the truth, grammar is boring! 

Afternoon: after the walk the doctor forced me to promise I’d do, I can read or study a bit. Studying for my books is reading anyway. 

Evenings: three times a week my partner meets his on line friends to raid in World of Warcraft. So after Maya is asleep I can dedicate these hours to world building, if I have the strength to do so.

A bit before sleeping: I can read again.

There are a few bits and pieces I might try during the quiet time in work and maybe I could avoid the canteen the weekends (food is crap anyway Saturdays and Sundays!) but more than that my body and my head don’t allow. Well actually even in this way I’ll struggle for sure.

Hence I’ll adjust my kick my butt challenge on monthly bases. I’m going to update you about that at the beginning of every month about the month before. 

The goals:

Reading: 1 book a month

Grammar: 20 units a month

Blog posts: 20 posts a month

Mail: try to keep them below 100 unread emails all the time.

I should start to diet and make some movement as well, so this should be enough to start with.

I have to make it!

Thanks for all the support you’re giving to me!




8 thoughts on “The plan!

  1. With a plan like that, I’m sure the results you hope for will come very quickly. Be sure to reward yourself every once in a while, regardless of the progress you make. 🙂 Also, if you’re thinking about taking a course, maybe something online? They’re flexible and allow you to read, write, and learn at your own pace. That might help your schedule a bit. I know online classes make my life easier and I have nowhere near as much on my plate as you!

    • I have to see about that! The problem is that on line course involve computer and computer involve distraction!!! I have to be careful because of that! I hope you’re right. About rewarding that’s the hard part, because maybe I’m stupid, but once I check a box on the list I consider I’ve done what I had to do, nothing more. Does it make sense?

      • Yes, that makes sense. Of course I don’t consider throwing a party every time I accomplish something 😀 Sometimes it could be as small as taking a break, not stressing out as much, or buying something I’ve always wanted. These are just little things I do so I won’t beat myself up all the time 🙂

  2. Good luck with your plan, but don’t get overwhelmed by it. You are young yet, although I will concede that times does fly.
    BTW, Franny, your grammar is better than a lot of people who live near me, and they are ,(supposedly), ‘native speakers. You are doing VERY well.

  3. I also got a plan although I’m not very good in following them. My problem is that I find very hard to stick to schedules and the more I try the more obstacles I find. Yet a schedule is a good starter. I wish you the best of lucks with it. I also agree that it is a good idea to reward yourself when you achieve your goals. It’s great incentive to keep on going! 😀

  4. I’m really impressed that you’re planning to learn enough English to write a book in it! I can’t even speak another language above a few phrases, much less write a whole book in it, or even a blog post! While you’re working to improve, don’t forget how far you’ve already come!

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