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Updating you!

Now a quick post before I leave for my workshop! I promise I’ll share with you the details when I come back!

Before I go let me give you a couple of news! Do you want to know the bad one or the good one first?

Well, I chose for you and I’ll tell you the bad one first!

My Vellekoop wasn’t chosen for the finalists list in the Villain Competition. I’m a bit sad but just because the exposure I would have had for that website would have done me good, but actually there are so many good writers out there and most of all native speaker…so I didn’t really had much chances!

It will be for the next time. I hope.

Meanwhile I’ll wait for the other result of the Love Letter competition.  It will be notified later on towards the summer! My fear now is that the parcel with my piece hasn’t arrived at all. According to my mum the post offices aren’t working well at the moment in Italy! For example my brother’s birthday’s cards aren’t arrived yet and I sent them on the 25th of April! There was also a very cute picture made by Maya…. 😦

 Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to my letter!

And said that, I’ll introduce you my good news!

My Ato Z challenge post “Y as Yareme” was chosen for the issue number three of “The Woven Tale Press”. I mean I have no clue on how many Y were sent to choose among, I counted two beside mine, so not a real challenge, but my Yareme was taken on board! Flip pages here


I’m so happy for this and although I feel awkward I have to pat myself on the shoulder for that!

I have to try to start to think that this small success is just the very beginning of the life I’m hoping for me!

Now I’ll see how many email I’ll manage to read, there are some of them of a few days ago and then I’ll start to prepare the stuff for the travel!

So excited!



28 thoughts on “Updating you!

  1. Congratulations on the victory! Every little writing success (and even the defeats) improves your writing and builds momentum for making it big.

  2. COngratulations Franny, i did not even know there was such a thing to send to. I wish I had as i had some A to Z posts I felt pretty proud of and would have liked to see how others felt about them.

      • Me too but I often open pages to remeber me something. In this case to go and have a look at the reflection posts and I found it. Actually I still have to have a look at them!

      • What part of Italy are you in? My dad was on a Mediterranean cruise when in the U.S. Navy and traveled to that part of the world. I have always been interested in Venice and really want to visit one day.

      • Well I’m from Tuscany! Carrara, where the white marble comes from! But I’ve been living in Dublin, Ireland for 6 years now! If I can suggest you a city it’d be Rome! And Tuscany and Umbria are my favourite regions, they’re so medieval!

      • I hope to get there someday. It may not be until after my kids are out of the house. i am not sure if they would value you such at this point in their life. I plan to take my son with me when I return to Belize for another mission trip this December so i guess I can get a feel for it then.

      • My son graduated from high school on Sunday and is 18, my daughter is 15. They are usually pretty interested in things, but Right now our vacation calendar is too full for extra trips, especially with the cost an international trip will carry.

      • Ahhh ok! Because believe me, if they’re interested in that it would be the right time! But I understand that if you planned something isn’t easy to add things like that!

      • My kids are part of a marching band at their high school and their director came up with a cruise to the Bahamas as this year’s trip. We spoil our kids I know, but we are taking this trip with them and it is the signature vacation for some time.

      • Yes we are going with another family we are best friends with whose daughter is not only my daughter’s best friend, but another band kid. I am sure they will have a fabulous time.

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