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Week-end off

And finally I have my weekend off. I was so looking forward to it!

Last week was pretty tiring and I feel devastated. Plus my blood pressure went so high from last night that I’ll have to work on myself harder than ever to put it down a bit, but mostly to calm down and I’ll tell you why in a few lines!

I know that I have many things to do these two days but still the priority is to relax.

My aim is trying to post a couple of blogs, trying to read all the emails I have in my inbox (they’re already over 100 again) and maybe finish one of the books I’ve been reading from last year (they were four and now three, books already read or so boring I couldn’t finish them in time!).

But why am I so nervous? It’s easy said. Yesterday was a day so busy and full of rude customers, that by the end of the shift I was dangerously on the edge of being very rude myself.

Don’t misunderstand, I love customer’s service job, but still there are a few people out there that make you doubt seriously what you’re doing.

I’m pretty sorry to say that the cause of the last burst of rage was an Italian guy, again, and I’m sick and tired to fight in my language in front of other customers. And we ask ourselves why Italian are seen as they’re seen everywhere.

So, as I don’t have any other way to vent than writing, I decided to write on my blog.

This is the reason why I came out with this idea: Oh my darling. This will be my new tag and category.

Whenever I’ll be tired, sad or just angry I’m going to write a letter to the person who caused the particular mood, even if it’s myself! I’m often angry to myself too! This means I’ll be complaining but still maybe in a different way!!!!

Of course if something nice or kind happen to me I’m going to write a letter for that too! If I have to do that I also have to be fair.

Before I leave you, I have to tell you another thing I’ve been thinking for days now.

Despite my angry mood most of the times I have to be grateful I’m working with people because, as writer, where else could I fish so many details and have so many source of inspiration?

I explain. Writing a book means also being able to let the readers identifying with the characters and I think that the more they resemble the reality around us the easier it is.

You know that I take notes of all the weird people I meet in work and also all the funny situation, but actually I never take notes of all the normal things I see around me. I mean adding something normal but that can be perfect for the character I’m building could make the difference. So I was wondering that I should start to note them down.

I might start a new page with nice or funny or absolutely normal but worth of taking details I can use anytime!

The truth is that I’d love to create characters like the one we have in One Piece. Eiichiro Oda is genius to give life to weird but awesome characters! And I wish I could be good like him! Or even half…or a quarter or… well you got it!

I’ll see you soon!

PS. Four days to Listowel! I can’t wait!

PPS. For the moment the best solution is the following one:





6 thoughts on “Week-end off

  1. Ah dear Franny, you must take it easy (yeah, look who’s talking). Okay, the fact I am struggling with my zen does not mean I can’t tell you to breathe deeply, hahaha. I think the writing letters is a good idea. It will help you process a lot of information and digest problems or events that otherwise just get stuck inside us. 🙂

    • Al do you know that I tried to do some zazen meditation myself? But I kind of dropped it at some stage! But it’s just the old same thing: I’d need a 58 hours long day!!!
      And as for the letters I know already to whom direct the first ones! Definitely I cannot afford to have more strong feelings bottled up inside me! Not now!

  2. Good idea, Franny; USE the aggravation! I don’t remember who said it but I was reading quotes about writing by famous authors and one said, Things in stories need to make sense, in life, they don’t” There are a lot more unbelievable and interesting things that go on in real lifer than you find in books.
    Clam yourself before you have a stroke,(then you can’t write!)

  3. Working or generally serving people when you’re exhausted can be so aggravating and put anyone on edge. I sympathize, Franny, and hope you get proper rest this weekend. There’s always Sunday.

    • Thanks John! It is indeed, but you must admit that having a rude person who just tells you “Fuck off!” (That was the Italian lad) because you don’t want to do what they want, has nothing to do with being tired!!!
      And I hope to go to the zoo today!!!! I’m like a kid!

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