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Blog on the go! – Zombie

Hi everybody! I’ve posted my last blog late last week and I miss these pages already!

Unfortunately I’ve been very busy in work and also very tired so I didn’t have much time to write down something.

This week I’m going to be off the weekend (Yay!) which means that I’ll be busy during the week, which means that it could be possible that I won’t manage to post something again.

The reason for this is that I’m exhausted and as a plus Maya didn’t sleep much last night and at the moment I would only need a huge cup of coffee with a constant supply every ten minutes!

Anyway, although I’m keeping track of weird people or funny situations or stag and hen’s parties coming over my workplace (I promise that I’m going to fill you in as soon as I can), I want to share with you what I experienced this morning basically as soon as I opened my till. Yes it was a weird experience rather than a situation.

Here he was, this Australian lad came over my till, all smiling and actually he was good-looking as well!

Me: Hi, how are you?

Customer: I’m breathing! This is a good thing to start the morning with!

Me: Yes, I think so!

Customer: At least you know that the zombie apocalypse hasn’t started yet!

Me: …

Then I let him to continue with his tour and I kept going on with my job!

I felt happy for a while though!

Of course, after that a flock of zombie/tourists arrived until my mood swing was on the edge of I’m_going_to_kill_the_next_stupid_or_rude_one mood.

So maybe the zombie apocalypse has started!!!!

Sorry for the messy post by I’m a witeholic and I have to put black on white sometimes!



4 thoughts on “Blog on the go! – Zombie

  1. I love his comment about the day being good because he’s breathing. I used to work at a hospital where people would say, “It’s always a good day when you wake up on the right side of the bed rails.”

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