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Author Interview Program #16

And the sweet Briana interviewed me the other day! We had a nice chat and I gave my first interview! It was exciting! Thanks Briana!

When I Became an Author

Today I had the privilege of chatting with my good friend and fellow writer, Francesca. You would probably know her better as Franny, from https://frannychallenge.wordpress.com/  You’ll recall that it was this very talented Italian lady who gave me the idea to interview characters from my book. Now living in Ireland, Franny has embarked on a writer’s journey, and she agreed to let me interview her about it. So here she is!

What is your name, and do you use a pen name?

My name is Francesca Dalle Lucche, but I use the pen name Franny Stevenson, so it is easier for my readers to pronounce. A coworker called me “Franny”, and Stevenson is the surname of my favorite author, so I hope it brings me luck!

What books are you currently working on?

Etruscan Pledge is my main book right now and it is almost complete. I’m also working…

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