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ID or not ID?

More than a question this is a kind of adventure, and I’m telling you why!

Last year…yes last year (and you’ll notice later why I’m underlining it) I was waiting in the boarding line to go to Italy when Maya decided to play with my identity card. Now more than playing she was trying to snatch it off me but she was so quick that I had no time and hands too full to stop her. I ended up having half of my ID still in my hand and the other half was in hers!

I managed to pass the check in but then I had the problem once in Italy to get a new ID.

And mind, the problem wasn’t the time, no sir, because to have a new ID it takes what? Five minutes?

You heard me correctly. 

At the main city council they sent me to another building because they weren’t dealing with people living abroad. When you are resident in another county you should join the list called A.I.R.E which in Italian is Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero, which you can translate in English as Registry of Italians living abroad. And please remember the meaning!

So I went to the photographer, had my pictures taken and ready for the new ID, money at hand, I walked till the office dedicated to the A.I.R.E’s people IDs and this is was what happened:

“Good Morning, I should renew my ID” 


“Francesca bla bla”


“Well I live in Ireland and the address…”

“No, no so I cannot do the ID then”

“What do you mean?”

“Well that you should have an ID to proof you’re Italian”

“This is my broken one and I just need to change it!” I said showing her the hands full of old ID pictures and money.

“No we actually need the passport!”

“Well I don’t have it with me!”

“So I cannot do that because we have no proof that you’re Italian, I mean how do we know it for sure”

Now, it was the days around my dad’s death so I was very stressed and I just stormed away the office tell them to go to hell.  

Unfortunately I admit that I never have the right answer when I need it, NEVER! And I am sorry about that.

But actually if I was calm enough I could point out that I was sent there because I was Italian resident abroad. So why I should be from a different country and most of all they’re the city council, hence they have my name on their effing computers and could find my birth certificate in no time.

Anyway I didn’t do that…I went back home and closed very well my card with sell tape hoping against hope to be able to go back to Ireland. 

Once in Dublin, at the control check the nice Garda officer asked me where I live and I said “Dublin” in an accent that made a Galway guy laugh when I told him I was Italian. Now “Dublin” in my mouth sounds very Dubliner indeed! 

He let me pass over and I call the embassy straight ahead next day.

This happened in October 2012!

The form I was supposed to fill was clear enough in telling that I had to wait for the embassy calling me after they completed the new document and a fix an appointment for the collection.

I waited a lot, and then many things happened so I ended up in calling in March 2013 to ask why I hadn’t received yet the call that my ID was ready to collect. 

The clerk at the phone told me “Oh but it’s been ready for ages!” and when I remembered him that I was supposed to wait for their call he said “No, no you come over!”

So today I left Maya at the crèche and I’m going to go and collect it.

Just because I know how Italian bureaucracy works, and you’ve just read that even abroad unfortunately little changes, I called this morning in order to check if it was ok for me to call in! When I said my name the man on the other side quickly said “Oh yes, it’s ready, it’s ready!”  

“So if I come in you’re going to give it to me right?”

“Yes, of course I’ll see you later!”

And here it is folks, with my heart full of hope to have finally my new ID I’ll leave you here!

I’ll try meanwhile to check some of the emails and blogs. I’m sorry to be so slow but among the baby and work I’d need more time, and the inbox counts already 91 emails.

I knew starting seriously blogging again would take some efforts but I’m glad to do that. I’d need to rest too but who cares!?

Also I’m going to try to enter into a competition. I’m going to dedicate it a post in case I’m allowed to publish the piece, but I’ll leave you the link in case you want to give it a go! It should be fun!




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