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Listowel Writers Week

Yesterday, while vegetating on the sofa I received an email from the organization secretary of the Listowel Writers Week in Co. Kerry containing the last information about the writing workshop I’ve booked for!

Clik here to have a look at their website!

It is going to be at the end of the month and it’s going to be fun and full of good tips and information and about writing! Being in that small town during this particular week it’s like being in a Theme Amusement Park for writers! Everybody writes and read everywhere…it’s wild!

I’m so excited that I can barely wait! I hope against hope that nothing will happen before that and I will be able to attend. With such a small baby any kind of problem can wait for you around the corner!

I attended the first time two years ago and in that occasion I followed the Short Story workshop! Since I decided to write in a different language I thought that it could be better start with a shorter kind of fiction! I actually was wrong, but I didn’t know that!

The teacher very kindly explained me that all my short stories looked unfinished or excerpts of books because I put into them too much action. Also she added that I should use my talent for novels.

I don’t know if she was right or not, in particular about the talent bit I’d say, but she actually gave me something to think about. As you can see from my short stories they’re always like this, unfinished chunk of something. Then you have “Marian and Grace”, which is simply boring, let’s face the truth! And that is because I wanted to focus on one detail like they suggested during the class.

So once back from Listowel, I kept following my children fiction class here in Dublin at the Irish Writer Centre and decided to write novels.

The teacher of this class told me that because of the fact that I hadn’t grow up and attended the schools here I might not be able to write children books because my language sounds too complicated for them (a gap I hope to fill once I’ll start to read with Maya!) and that maybe I should darken a bit the content of the stories and write for older readers.

So this is the choice for the writers’ week of this year, ladies and gentlemen: teen fiction workshop with Siobhán Parkinson!

 The good part of a workshop is also that you can have your one–to-one with the teacher who’s reviewing a sample of your writing!

I decided to send her the first few pages of the book I began to write during NaNoWriMo 2012 and I’m looking forward for her opinion, although I’m scared too!

Also this time, considering that I had time, I decided to read a couple of books written by the teacher before the class rather than after, and do you know what? She’s so good.

My advice is to try and read some of them.

I read “Breaking the wishbone”, “Kate” and I’m reading “The love bean”.

She goes very deep into the human soul, although she speaks about common situations and events. Two elements that you could find difficult to match.

But I’m telling you something, I haven’t cried for ages reading a book. Yet, reading “Breaking the wishbone” I couldn’t stop for the last 10 pages. It was too moving!

And again thinking about that, considering that I’m blogging again in order to meet more writers and to have feedbacks I want to ask you a small favour.

I’m going to put in this post the very first page of the bunch I sent to my teacher to be.

Can you tell me what you think about that? And also if you would close the book or you’d rather keep going? I’m looking forward to read your comments!


Here is “Etruscan Pledge”….of course all the layout is gone once copied here but that’s that…

Etruscan pledge

This is something you can’t foresee. You’ll never be able to foresee it. Sometimes you can expect it but it’s never easy to accept it.

However you put it, it’s not easy to live with, to understand. It’s impossible to do that.  But one thing is sure: when it happens, your life changes.


There are a lot of people in this world and each and every one of them explains it in a different way. They would say it’s the God’s will, whoever their God or Deity is. Some of them would say it’s the fate or destiny or life.

I don’t have a personal explanation and to be honest I’m not even sure I want to find one right now. What I want it’s just trying to forget and to suffer, because it’s what I feel I need at this stage.

Someone would say that it’s too early to talk about that, but I believe that it’s not. It’s the right place, it’s the right time and it’s the right way.

Writing has always reached such deep layers of my heart and consciousness and plunged its beneficial balm so deep inside me; I could lose myself in thinking.

It’s such a struggle to keep going and to find a way to calm down and to think. Even sitting down on the sofa, trying to recollect my thoughts is something not easy and the most of the times I’m not even sure I want to do that because it’s too painful.

What am I talking about?



I remember when that I was young I spent a whole summer in Volterra, a nice small medieval town in Tuscany, high wall included.

I’ve always loved the idea of walls around a city. You feel protected and at the same time you feel like your secrets are kept safe. Also, you feel entitled to aspect that your life can proceed undisturbed.

There are many towns in Tuscany surrounded by walls but Volterra is tiny and cosy and you feel like there is no way the time could pass by while inside them. It looks like a portrait of an old crone, watching the passing days and years for us, simple humans, living a life way too short to compete with the time itself.

Nothing was more wrong. Well, I was wrong but I didn’t know yet.

I thought that in that particular moment, when my writer’s block struck the fiercer of its blows, Volterra would be the right place where to start again.

I arrived there last June and it was then that my nightmare started.

I think but, mainly, I hope I’m ready to write it down now what happened. Whether prepared or not anyway I have to or at least I owe it to myself and to Sabrina.




26 thoughts on “Listowel Writers Week

  1. Very thoughtful and well-written. I sincerely hope you get to attend the workshop. I’ve always wanted to attend a real workshop, communicate with like-minded writers, and receive feedback from a trained instructor. If you go, I hope you have a great time! I look forward to hearing about this.

    • This won’t be the first one, but it will be one of the more interesting. The good thing is that so fat I’ve attended workshops run by writers and their opinion is very important to me!
      Are you sure there aren’t many mistakes? I’ve edited myself, but if I decide to submit it I think I’ll need a native speaker!

  2. Reads good and interesting. I’m sure you’ll get some great feedback and encouragement on this.
    Great initiative, to go to the workshop, and this one sounds more than helpful.
    Good luck … hope it all goes well for you.

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