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Blog on the go! and Shine on award

Yesterday I worked my ten hours shifts and after that, I reached home aware that during the weekend I had seen almost ten thousand people! This should give you an idea of how tired I was!

Once at home, of course there was the dinner to put on the table, and I gladly did it.

I decided than to sleep once the baby closed her eyes, but my partner, maybe full of adrenaline after a whole day spent with baby Maya “the Quiet” decided to talk to me and tickling my side, just in case, exactly when I was almost in the deepest phase of the sleep. 

Needless to say that I couldn’t sleep anymore.

After a while my partner settled down and fell like a log! And guess who did wake up!? Yes, you got it right! Maya “the very Quiet”!!!

To make the long story short I managed to drag myself into the bed at 3.30 a.m. and the only thing I remember was the alarm sound which went off four hours later!

I felt my body so heavy, but so heavy that I thought I could never leave the bed. It took me more than 40 minutes to stand up and have a shower. Unreal, I know, and I started worry.

It was more or less like my brain was barely awake and was trying to drag my body around, with the only problem that the latter was fast asleep!

Hence the resolution: I’ll never get involved with the mob, feeling your body heavy like cement isn’t a nice experience!

And hence the question as well: how is possible for you parents out there to write after children are off to bed? How do you cope with the day after? Is it just me or what?

Answers in the comments would be highly appreciated!

And so you can understand my joy when I found this in my email box this morning! At least when I managed to drag myself to the computer and open my eyes…or was it all the way around!?

Anyway, thanks Briana, you’re so sweet!

Here you have my new award!


Last two lines before I try to survive the day!

First of all I want to thank Christina, my beta reader, who managed to chat with me answering my insane writing questions in the middle of the night!

Secondly if you really want to know, my body is waking up so I feel a bit better although my eyes are still puffy! 


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