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Blog on the go! – About

This is a post where I’m going to share my thoughts about something, and I’ll call this category “blog on the go!” It’s something I’ve been having in mind for long.

“Blog on the go!” will be actually something more like a tweet or a facebook status, but a bit longer!

It will share with you my opinion about something.

I know I’m not a critique or an opinionist, but I can leave here my thoughts all the same!

And here you have my opinion about the About pages!

When I receive a notification that a new blogger likes my page or follows my blog, I usually go to the link but I don’t read the posts suggestions. Instead I love to read the About pages.

I love reading who a blogger is.

I’m awfully disappointed when I have no bio page or it says scarcely something about the person who’s behind the blog.

I started to think about the reason why I do that. And my explanation it might not be entirely clear or might make no sense at all but still it’s what I think.

Blogs are opened for loads of reasons: to show out work (whatever it is) or to sell something, or just to vent, or just to have  journal you want to keep (in particular if you are a very untidy person like me and every time you need to write something down you never find the journal itself!).

But whatever reason drives you to select the account and push the “create blog” button, you remain a person. And that’s what I’m curious about. Who’s the person behind the screen? What are his or her thought? Why did she or he open the blog?

I love to read about dreams expectations and hopes. And honestly I don’t care about very long pages about useless facts, I don’t even read them. I want the little details that make a person unique!

I’m curious, I know, that’s maybe because I’m a writer, but most importantly I love meeting new people.

I know you could tell me that loads of them could lie or could burst a bit the things they’re doing, but I ask: what’s the point?

I suppose you should always be honest, because if you’re telling a lie, you’re not telling anybody but yourself, right?

What do you think about that?


12 thoughts on “Blog on the go! – About

  1. I’ve never been able to see the point in lying about anything… Okay, maybe other than the question ‘is my hair okay?’, because in my experience, saying no means another five minute delay in getting out of the house. 😛

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  3. I’ll check into an About page and skim it, but I usually find what the person has written about recently to be a better indicator of their personality. In that way, About is just one source for information.

What do you think about that?

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