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Reflections about the AtoZ challenge

It was fun! Hugely fun!

Now I have no clue on how this was developed in the previous years because this is my first challenge. However I’m sure that it will become a fixed appointment, like NaNoWriMo in November, because I had so much fun, because I met other nice bloggers, because linking from other blogs I found even more other interesting bloggers! Well you got the point!

(Ah and speaking of, if you’re attending NaNo, let me know, so we can encourage each other during the month!)

At the very beginning I was looking just for another challenge. I’d started to blog again after almost two years and I had to get hold of my blog again…well, the other blog, as the one I was using as the professional one went unused….but it’s another story!

So this time, with this blog I was starting to do things properly and I knew it was vital, or better I needed to get in contact with other bloggers. Hence the research for challenges, as I knew they were very good!

To make the story short I ended up in AtoZ challenge page and it seemed a very nice challenge indeed.

I subscribed and my brain went in frenzy trying to find a theme. I ended up in doing interviews to my characters and although I didn’t think it was special, I had great feedbacks.

Also I want to thank all the bloggers who visited my blog and left comments and most of all made me feel flattered not mentioning my awful English! Italian is my native language but I love to write in English, and I’m aware that the latter isn’t that great. You must know that it was important to me not be judged because of that!

Now what I felt are the downsides of the challenge is the endless list that makes almost impossible to visit the lot, in particular if you have a job and a kid! I’m sorry; I wished I had more time. Maybe it could help do some sub-lists according to the theme of the blog or something like that.

Also as some of the blogs were deleted, the other ones were moving up and down the list and if you’re visiting them but you don’t remember the name or the number sometimes is tricky to find the one you liked or the last number you visited.

I promised myself to visit them all even if the challenge is over, because I think it’s a pity not to. But some better criteria of dividing the names should be better I think!

I’ll end up writing my first part of the interview (the one you saw I’ve made to my characters during the challenge):

FULL NAME: Francesca Dalle Lucche but as pen name I chose Franny Stevenson.

DATE OF BIRTH: 15th August

PLACE OF BIRTH: Carrara, Italy 

FAMILY: Mum, 1 brother, partner, Maya. My dad passed away last October unfortunately. Plus I’d love to add my brother Nani, my two sisters Mili and Silvi. (Not real siblings but as good as!)

FAVOURITE BOOK: “Treasure Island”, All the Harry Potter saga, “Matilda” but Roald Dahl in general, “Genji monogatari”and Fantasy books in general.

FAVOURITE COLOR: Green, but I like all the bright colours too.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Everything sweet, Lasagne, Farinata, Sgabei, Tordelli!


And now, as I’ve already interviewed two my alter egos during the challenge and would feel weird to interview myself, I want you to interview me, so ask me your questions! I’ll answer!

Finally I think that as I went from this



To this



I deserve the badge!



8 thoughts on “Reflections about the AtoZ challenge

  1. Yes, you so deserve the badge, Franny. I feel the same, hehe.
    I so glad to have met you through the Challenge and will look for your posts on a going-forward basis. You absolutely rock!

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