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Z as Zip

Last letter of the alphabet, ladies and gentlemen!

I never thought I could make it, and also that the idea of interviewing my characters would have been liked as it was. Thanks for your support!

I’ll try to check the blogs in the list of participants in the next few days as I didn’t have much time to have a look at them all! Which is a pity but I still have 24 hours a day and that’s a fact!

Z is the last characterless letter and considering that I received a complaint from one of my dearest friend in work I had no choice but to find him a place!

I had already an idea in my head for a character featuring him, but now I have a nickname for him as well!

So, dear Keith, here is Zip!

Zip comes in a set of three characters I’ve been thinking about for some times: it will be basically three Guardians of Plants and Flowers coming from Harmony Valley’s wood: Ny, Ky and My. 

So let’s try to build the first one:


FULL NAME: Ky Barleygrain but known as Zip.

DATE OF BIRTH: 7th Red of Earth.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Fields in Harmony Valley. 

FAMILY: Mum, dad, 2 sisters (who drive him mad)

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The way of the barley” and “How to answer correctly without having to listen to all the junk”

FAVOURITE COLOR: Black (but it’s just a cover, the truth is he loves peach and pale yellow)

FAVOURITE FOOD: Fried pumpkin and peach slices and blackcurrant and barely pudding.

And now let’s try to ask him the five questions:

Franny: Hello Zip! Or should I call you Ky? Welcome to my blog! So where does your surname come from?

Zip: Hello Franny! Now, let’s put this clear once for all, I don’t like this surname, but I suppose that if we’re in the Z letter I have to live with that, right? I’m going to kill that brat who named me this way sooner or later. As for the reason I was named this way, it’s simply because I try to zip my mouth before I can complain too much in front of a customer.

Franny: Ah ah! But I think that complaining it cannot be of much harm! Where do you work?

Zip: I work in Sweet Moment, and believe me, sometimes what I define as complaint would go under “I try to kick them as hard as I could till they reach the exit” category instead. So as you can imagine, it is really better I don’t talk! Still that’s not my name, and I don’t like it!

Franny: It looks appropriate anyway! But let’s change the subject! A part from working very hard what do you like to do? I know that spare time for Sweet Moment staff would be none more or less, but do you have a hobby?

Zip: Oh yeah of course. Now as we’re not allowed to have so much time for ourselves, we have to work during the night, unless we have a night shift! Still we’re trying to create a series of alcoholic drinks in order to create our brand and get out of here!

Franny: When you say “We” what do you mean?

Zip: Of course Ny, My and myself. They’re mental, but still very good in what they’re doing. If only Ny would stop joking about our job and running around telling the closest friends that the next bunch would explode before it’s ready and if only  My would stop trying to sneak curry inside all the beverage I’m trying to make up, we’d been already done!

Franny: Well they seem nice to work with though! I guess that friendship is very important to you, am I right?

Zip: Yes, it is. You cannot have the perfect kind of people around you all the time, but with a bit of patience and acceptation, everything goes in the right place. I mean, if I don’t like you, you’ll notice! You have just to be stupid not to realize it!

Franny: Something is telling me that you’re not easy in your selection but I find it incredibly funny anyway for some reason!

Ok, thanks very much Ky or better Zip! And I’ll see you soon!

Zip: Thanks Franny and have a nice colour everybody!


Now folks, this was Zip or Ky, better.

Remember him, because together with My and Ny will become pretty present in some stories!

Thanks Keith for complaining and giving me the excuse to create Ky sooner than I thought!

And I’ll see you all maybe tomorrow or the day after! I think I have to rest now!

But I made it!





14 thoughts on “Z as Zip

  1. Hello Ky, I have a question for you, if you don’t mind. If you could work in another job, what would it be?

    And Dr. Franny, you’ve done such an awesome job with your characters! So cool!

    • Thanks Briana! I feel really weird in receiving so many compliments!!! Thanks!

      And here is Ky: Well you see, the job itself isn’t the problem, and actually some of the people working with you aren’t the problem. It’s just people are stupid…well yeah I suppose I’d change happily! I’d be a brewer!

      • You deserve the complements! Your blog is just wonderful!
        Thanks Ky, that sounds like an interesting job. A brewer, hmm, I’ll bet that would be fun!
        And I know…people ARE stupid! (There are some pretty nice ones, though, you just have to look really hard to find them!) 😉

      • *blushes*
        And yes there are many stupid people…or better many people not thinking really of what they’re doing.
        I admit that sometimes I’m a bit distracted myself, but still some episodes could be avoided!

      • Yeah I agree on this. But a part of cooperation the main problem is that in this world humanity is going to be forgotten! We need more love, more cooperation, more simple things. Eventually for me it goes there all the time!!! I know I sound boring, but I mean it!

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