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Y as Yareme

Here you have another brand new character. I had the idea a few days ago. I was trying to do as more things as possible, barely aware as usual that one day has only 24 hours.

It was actually a wish, once more I have to admit, while I was stuck and I couldn’t finish the amount of things I set for myself to do within the day.

Now there are loads of people telling me that I set impossible tasks for me, but I’m not giving up. So here is Yareme, an animal guardian from Harmony Valley. She has a nice quality any busy mum would want!

FULL NAME: Yareme Squirreltail.

DATE OF BIRTH: 7th Green of Earth.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Harmony Valley.

FAMILY: Mum, Dad, 3 sisters, 1 brother and 25 squirrels.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The lady who travelled on the eagle”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Rose and daffodils salad with quail egg.

And now let’s try to know her better with the following questions:

Franny: Hello Yareme! Welcome to my blog! So you have many hobbies or things you like doing, am I right?

Yareme: Oh yeah, I love attending Jumping flowers competition, cooking, riding my personal squirrel, reading books (I regularly go and borrow books guardian size from one of Sunbeam libraries. People here think I’m a bit weird on this). I mind my nephews and nieces and I work with the best vet of the village to learn the job.

Franny: Wow this is really a lot! Where do you find the time to rest? And we were saying you have a nice characteristic anybody would want! Can you tell us more about that?

Yareme: Well actually it is pretty tiring indeed and now that I think about that I have loads of thing still to…ah ah achoo!

Franny: Bless you!

Yareme: Thanks!

Yareme2: Thanks!

Yareme: We were saying that my characteristic is…

Yareme2: Oh Hi! Who are you?

Yareme: Shush, I was talking, you go and do something to help instead…I still have to give food to the sick field mice!

Yareme2: All right all right, but don’t sneeze anymore! I’m not in the mood for teamwork today!

*The second Yareme goes in the next room and attends the sick mice*

Franny: Ok so, this is your characteristic, then, you sneeze and you split! Is that right? When does it happen?

Yareme: Well, yeah, excuse me! Yeah, I split when I’m very anxious or I’m under pressure!

Franny: And how many of your doubles you can split into?

Yareme: Dunno, I think the record so far was four. I was very busy then, like today for example! Ahhhh no…. achoo!

Yareme3: Oh no! Did you do it again? Yareme!

Yareme2: Don’t start arguing, come and help me here! And by the way, your record was five!

Yareme: Oh all right five! Yes, you go there and help her!

Franny: This is becoming very confusing. So when you split are your doubles like you or what?

Yareme: It depends why I split and what I need most at the moment. They can be more and more nervous as we go further or more anxious. Sometimes they just have different personalities! Once I came out with a boy version of me because I was very stressed for an argument with the vet.

Franny: And are they staying around long? How does it work?

Yareme: No, they usually disappear when I relax a bit. Eventually I’m the original; they can only come off me anyway!

Yareme3: Oh yeah, lucky we are! You exploit us and then you relax!

Yareme2: Stop moaning, will you? I need help here!

Franny: Ok, thanks Yareme… Yareme2 and Yareme3! You really should give nick names to your doubles! Anyway thanks for your time and I hope to see you soon around!

Yareme: Yeah me too! Thanks and good bye everybody!

Yareme2: Bye…you savage girl say good bye!

Yareme3: *grunts something*


So folks, here is Yareme for you!

And I because I had to think about the interview I doodled her as well while dodging Maya! She wanted to help colouring!

I’ll see you tomorrow for the last one!




21 thoughts on “Y as Yareme

      • I know what you mean! I used to love to draw, and I thought I was pretty good, then I got older and my eyesight improved. lol
        Now I just leave the art to my little sister. 🙂

      • Wow all artists in the family! How nice! At least she understands what you mean when you talk! My brother is going to be a doctor! My partner is in IT…I have no chance but to wait that my best friend is free for a call on skype to talk seriously about art!!!

      • My mom is a very good artist, and my sister took after her. I make a pretty decent stick figure though.
        Your husband is in IT? Is that something to do with computers? Or art?

      • Computers definitely! Once a friend told me “You’re partner is kind of simple, you give him a computer and an internet connection and he’ll be happy! It’s you the complicated one!”
        She is actually right. He works with computer and plays at the computer, and I don’t know how he does, but his brain is too logic for me sometimes!

      • Well, I’d say nerd more than genius and I’d say wannabe writer more than author! I’m still nobody! Sometimes I ask myself the question: is really lucky Maya or doomed? She could end up in being a nerd full of dreams and not going anywhere! Not a nice thing!!!!

      • We love her and I promised myself to support her in her choices as best as I can! But I don’t know if this is enough to be a good parent!

      • Well I know already that if I could have it then I’d need a 54 hours day and so on! It seems for some reason I put too much into the plate! But I cannot help!

      • Yeah it’s more or less like having a bigger purse! You just fill it more!
        I thought about sleeping every second day but I had to abandon the idea the very first time, it was impossible! I can’t think if I’m sleepy!

      • I know! That’s why I had to stop carrying a purse: I was stuffing full of so much stuff it got too heavy to carry! lol
        And I can’t think well if I’m sleepy either, I end up just playing games or surfing the web.

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