X as Xiu

Last three letters are the toughest part of the challenge for me as I have no readymade characters.

So I have to come out with something. I have a fair idea about Y and Z but I didn’t know what to do with the X!

But thanks to my child I got the idea this very morning.

A vampire!

I woke up at 4 am. Maya wasn’t feeling good or anyway she couldn’t sleep.

4.30 she was standing in her bed jumping up and down and pointing I don’t know what and “wow”ing and “ohh”ing the very same.

5.00 we decided to come down and drink some milk. “She might fall asleep again in the pram after her bottle”I thought.

5.30 alas no, she didn’t fell asleep, she vomited.

6.30 I started writing this post.

As I couldn’t think about any name starting with X I googled it. And I found this:


GENDER: Feminine

USAGE: Chinese

OTHER SCRIPTS: 秀 (Chinese)

Meaning & History

Means “beautiful, elegant” in Chinese.

I thought that for a vampire this would be nice!

So here we have X as Xiu and let’s try to give her a history.

FULL NAME: Xiu of the Manor

DATE OF BIRTH: 3rd Orange of Metal


FAMILY: Unknown a part from an uncle.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “Not only blood”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Used to be roasted turtle but now is turtle blood.

And now let’s ask her the questions and try to know her better:

Franny: Hello Xiu you’re very welcome to my blog today! I have to ask you a few questions and I hope you’ll enjoy the experience! First of all, where are you from originally? You weren’t born as vampire, am I right?

Xiu: Hello Franny! You are right! I was born in the tribe of Oasis of Happiness and then I become a vampire for revenge!

Franny: Revenge? Why?

Xiu: Well I lost my entire family during the big war. I grew up with my uncle, who manage to save me and trained me as warrior according to our tradition. We moved in Ghost Land and lived there moving continuously. I received my tattoos in late, but I learned to use them nonetheless. Then one color, the war was over and Black Dragon had to run back to their country, defeated. On the way back thought they decided to leave a last trail of suffering. My uncle was hunting and for once his guard was down and he was killed. Killed for fun, basically. And I wanted my revenge.

Franny: Damn! This is so sad. But it must have been difficult anyway. As far as I know vampires are a very close community. How did you get in?

Xiu: Well, what I have to say is that there was a nice lady vampire who saved my life. I was with my uncle that moment but I followed a different game. We were in the deep forest and I met the ghost of one friend of mine who died of fever and I was talking to him. At some stage I heard noises and then my uncle shouting curses to someone. Then I heard some clinging of swords and I rushed over taking my chain out of my left arm, but when I arrived there the bastards were too many, and there were many vampires among them. They attacked me as well and they left me on the ground. I was almost dead when Lady Edely came by, attracted maybe by the noise, and found me there. She said to think what I wanted to say and think about what happened. She can read your mind, you know. And eventually she transformed me. She said my eyes convinced her.

Franny: But you said that vampires were with Black Dragon. Who is Lady Edely?

Xiu: Lady Edely is one of the oldest and more powerful vampires who lives in the Manor in Ghost Land. They left Black Dragon thousands of cycles ago after a row between the two main families. The vampire of the Manor are solitary and almost closed community and it’s very hard to get in. But they value honor and courage. Otherwise they just think about themselves and they don’t want to be involved on what is happening outside.

Franny: So you’ll have your vengeance no matter what. You’ll live forever now and you have time to train and to get the culprit. But you tell me something, you talked about using your tattoos and getting out a chain from your left arm…what do you mean?

Xiu: Oh, that one. In the Oasis we’re all warriors. Women as well. During our training we are tattooed with a special ink. The tattoos can be literally taken from your skin and then used!

Franny: Wow, this is so cool! Thanks for your time, Xiu and good luck with your revenge!

Xiu: Thanks Franny and I’m close! That dog will pay!

Here she is than, I hope you liked her.

Eventually, although I started the post so early, I ended up in finishing it now. I was a bit confused after a while and I needed to sleep. Then the daily routine swallowed me and here I am.

I’ll see you all on Monday!



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