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W as Williams

W hosts just one character, Mr Williams, but he’s a great one!

He’s one of the pirates of Rogers’ crew in the very first book I wrote about pirates, like Seamus.

The way I created this character is funny though. I started to call him Williams and Mr. Williams all the time. His features were familiar and some of his way of behaving as well, although I wasn’t really conscious why it was so.

Then, at the end of the book, when he’s tortured and then abandoned on the seashore, I finally called him with his full name. And it was then when I realized that I was using again one of my colleagues! Andy whom I want to thank to be my model without knowing it! And thanks for helping me with some part of this file!

So here he is:


FULL NAME: Andy Williams but everybody knows him as Williams.

DATE OF BIRTH: 26th October.


FAMILY: He doesn’t want to talk about them.

FAVOURITE BOOK: He can’t read.

FAVOURITE COLOR: Electic Blue and green.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Potatoes cooked in every possible way.

And now let’s ask him the questions:

Franny: Hi Andy! Welcome on my blog! Or should I call you Williams? Mr. Williams? Thanks for answering my questions! Let’s get started! Did you know at the beginning, when you were recruited, that the captain was a woman?

Williams: Ahaha! Hi all! Call me Williams, easy for everybody! No, I didn’t know that! And I’m sure that I would have laughed at them, if I knew that. I mean…what the hell? A woman of board…no hell no!

Franny: But then you changed your idea right? I mean, when you found out she wasn’t a man you didn’t object it! Don’t you feel a bit anxious in challenging the tradition of no women on board? Instead you took orders from her!

Williams: Hell no, I didn’t! I mean, you should see how she fights. She gives me creeps, she does! She’s a devil, not a woman…If the superstition was on board to claim the ship she will be scared by that pirate! No more no less, she’s a damn pirate, she is!

Franny: What about the others? In case of mutiny what would you do?

Williams: They wouldn’t dare to mutiny. She scares the hell out of your arse, she does. You don’t want to mess with her. But saying that one of the lads did get this tropical fever and decided to go against her, I’d throw him to the sharks!  

Franny: Have you always wanted to be a pirate?

Williams: No really no. I was a butcher, I was. And then one night I went to the pub at the docks with a group of friends and I got so drunk that the press gang didn’t really have hard time to throw me into their hold. When I woke up for the first 24 hours I couldn’t tell if I was throwing up because of the hangover or because of the Ocean waves. But now, I couldn’t think anything different. Once I get rid of those bastards I chose my crews!

Franny: I see. Last question. Have you ever been tempted to give away your crew while the English were torturing you?

Williams: No, hell no. Crew comes first and then your useless body. I’m man of honour. Now I’m a pirate. And I shall die like one!

Franny: That was clear enough! Thanks a lot Williams! It was a pleasure!

Williams: Fer me too! See ya all!


So this was my pirate!

I hope you enjoyed him!

I’ll see you tomorrow with the third last letter!

Wow I didn’t think I could make it so far! 


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