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V as Vanth

I have only two characters in this letter.

  1. Vanth another Eita demon from Etruscan mythology
  2. Vellekoop Van Zanten who’s Julius father and King of Black Dragon.


It was very hard today to choose out of this two. I didn’t feel to interview any of them, but then I decided for Vanth.

According to Wikipedia “Vanth is (…) a female demon in the Etruscan underworld that is often accompanied either by additional Vanth figures or by another demon, Charun (later referred to as Charu). (…)Vanth has no direct counterpart in Greek mythology, and is very frequently, but not always, seen winged. Although Vanth has no real Greek counterpart, she has been compared to the Greek Furies, the Erinyes, especially in older publications. This is an unlikely association since she is almost always shown in Etruscan iconography to be a benevolent guide, not an avenging spirit, which the Furies often represent…”

Now I put here one of the description I studied to create my Vanth because I think she’s a very complicated character and that she can be used in many ways.

My way of using her is as a benevolent guide but also terrible. She gives you the last choice even if you don’t know what you’re doing and what you’re feeling, although she does know all of that is going on in your head.

So here you go:








I know a bit unclear, I don’t aspect much from the interview either, but honestly better her that interviewing another evil character. It’s not really the right day!

Franny: Hello Vanth! Welcome on my blog! So the big question right at the very beginning, just to make it clear. Are you a good character or a bad character?

Vanth: *nods in acknowledgment* Well, it depends! What do you think about death? You answer this and you’ll have the reply to your question!

Franny: This is not very clear. I don’t know at the moment. But are you aware that you’re covering a role that might make the people suffer?

Vanth: Someone has to do it. And I do my best.

Franny: You seemed almost enjoying in tempting Fedora. Were you hoping for her to fail and die?

Vanth: I don’t wish death to anybody. I just wait for their time. And then I do my job.

Franny: Well it’s not very clear or very helpful… so let’s say instead: why you didn’t tell her what she was going to suffer? Why didn’t you warn her?

Vanth: I did warn her and I did tell her. But you can say whatever you like. If the person in front of you is not ready to listen there is no way in.

Franny: I see. So you’re not happy with the ending of the story.

Vanth: It’s not my duty to judge about life and death. But I don’t think the outcome was fair. Fedora had her chance and she did decided something, although unconsciously. I don’t see the point in dragging her to a path she didn’t choose. That’s the reason why sometimes I feel annoyed with the human beings.

Franny: Sorry? Well I guess I have to thank you for your time Vanth and I hope to see you as late as I can.

*she nods regally and goes away*


Here guys you have Vanth. I hope you like her anyway.

I couldn’t get more than that out of her. Sorry!

I’ll see you tomorrow with another pirate!



6 thoughts on “V as Vanth

  1. I am jealous of this relationship you have with your characters. I think I need to try this with some of mine. If not on Word Press at least as a writing exercise.

    • What I put into the post it’s just a part of all the things I’ve read about her! Anyway, what inspired me it was her beautiful features and the feelings that she gave me of something not completely understandable! She’s just charming because it seems impossible to know! I don’t know if it makes sense!

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