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U as Ursa

One character letter again, ladies and gentlemen!

Ursa is like Orion, he’s son of an Elemental. But this is the end of their similarities. Or actually the evident ones.

Although very handsome, Ursa is probably the partner nobody will want unless he could change a bit!

FULL NAME: Ursa of Water



FAMILY: Wave and his father was one triton.

FAVOURITE BOOK: He doesn’t bother to read.

FAVOURITE COLOR: After a while they’re all the same.

FAVOURITE FOOD: After a few pints everything tastes more or less the same.

He promised he’s going to change though. So I hope in the future to be able to ask him something more.

And here is the interview. Bear in mind that he was in hangover, this interview was taken in a bar half way through the adventure seeing him as main character.

Franny: Hi Ursa, this is Franny and I’m going to interview you!

Ursa: Really? Can you bother someone else? I really have a bad headache this morning.

Franny: Sorry but you’re the only character with the name starting with U, so I’m afraid I have to. Com’on, I’m going to ask you nice and easy questions! How many children you got?

Ursa: Ah thanks, Franny, that’s sweet of you. Ok, I have Thuban and he’s my only child.

(Whatching me glaring at him he thinks harder) Oh, yes, I have other seven just born. Now that I think about it, I believe I should show up….

Franny: Indeed you should. But aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You’ve just had kids and you’re not there helping?

Ursa: Honestly not. My mother in law is a terrible woman. She always ends up kicking me out of the house. So I told to myself, in a busy time I won’t bother.

Franny: I would kick you now myself, to be honest. But why did you marry Talitha?

Ursa: I love her, really. I still love her. I mean, I was sent here but they didn’t tell me why, my mum just set me here and she said just to keep an eye on the temple. Then I saw this young beautiful mermaid and I knew she was the one.

Franny: So, why just start drinking? Wouldn’t be better to stop and take care of your family? Do you know they’re all in danger?

Ursa: I haven’t realized it yet, not…you know what young lady? You talk like my son Thuban. Stop it! You just make me feel guilty. Sometimes you just need a way to ran away from the reality. After we lost our very first child I decided to give up the reality.

Franny: This didn’t prevent you to have other kids, though. You know, mister, this is, I’m afraid, your destiny and you’d better pull yourself together. I mean, if you say you’re in this state because of your loss can you tell me what would you do if Black Dragon would manage to put its hands on Talitha and your other children? Have you thought about that?

Ursa: Actually no….and I suppose you’re right. I’ve been behaving like a coward. I have to react.

Franny: I want to believe you. Now get out of here and please go to your family!

Ursa: Thanks Franny.

He runs away.

And for those of you who’re are curious about that, he’s changed and he’s becoming a marvellous person. By the end of the novel he seems a totally different character.

I’ll take the credits for the change!

So here we are almost at the end!

I’ll see you tomorrow.



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