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T as Tuchulcha

Today’s letter is not packed but all the characters come from the same book but one, the one I’m interviewing in a while. And here they are:

  1.  Tuchulcha is an underworld demon of the Etruscan mythology.
  2. Talitha is the second lady of the vision. She’s part of the series I’m planning.
  3. Thuban is the first and older son of Talitha and Ursa.
  4. Taryn is the old mermaid in charge of the Under the Sea temple.


But today I want to interview another character from the book I’m writing now.  Also he’s the second character that I met in real life. He’s a chap who works in the archives in my workplace.


FULL NAME: Tuchulcha.



FAMILY: All the demons and entities living in Eita.

FAVOURITE BOOK: Impossible to say, as there are too many. He’s been listening and reading for centuries.

FAVOURITE COLOR: Yellow, the colour of the sun.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Sauté mushrooms.

And now let’s ask him the questions and hope that he answers:

Franny: Hello Tuchulcha, you’re very welcome on my blog! So let’s talk about yourself. How long have you been around for?

Tuchulcha: Centuries! Since people started to believe in Eita, in Etruscan age, I started to be alive in everyday life.  Eita and its inhabitants were around since the very beginning though.  

Franny: Interesting. If I got it right, though, you’ve been sent to live into the normal world. Is that correct?

Tuchulcha: No, it’s quite different. I ran away because I broke the rules we have down there and I wasn’t prone to go back on my actions. So I was kind of sent away. I did something that it is absolutely forbidden: fell in love with a soul.

Franny: This is sad. You don’t choose whom you fall in love with. And is she with you?

Tuchulcha: Oh yeah, I live with her and I still love her a lot although  because of the fight there was when I escaped, she doesn’t remember anything, and she doesn’t remember me, worst of all.

Franny: Living for the love’s sake. That’s romantic, but also painful. Have you tried to change your feelings? I know it’s something hard and maybe impossible. But seeing her like this should help, right? Plus you’re a demon. Aren’t demons bad?

Tuchulcha: Long question! Well I tried; yes I did, but in vain. When you love someone with all your soul it’s impossible to leave, to give up even if this means that your love is just one way feeling. And about me being a demon… You see, the only thing that all the writers got right in the past centuries was saying that because we’re supernatural beings, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have feelings. So you’ll find the good ones and the bad ones!

Franny: This makes sense. And what about Fedora? Why did you get so involved? Didn’t your own story teach you something?

Tuchulcha: Smart and cheeky! Yes, it should have, but from time to time you meet these stubborn people who remember me how I’ve been feeling when I thought I’d lose Beatrice’s soul. So it’s natural wanting to help them.

Franny: Fair enough! Thanks for your time Tuchulcha!

Tuchulcha: Thank you. And have a nice day everybody.

So this was Tuchulcha with us today!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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