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S as Seamus

S as well is pretty crowded letter. We have:

  1. Strawberry, who’s another sea fairy, twin sister of Peach and Blueberry.
  2. Snowy is basically a snow flake, main character of my fairy tale.
  3. Shadma is an ice fairy; she’s one of the guards of the Climate Prison.
  4. Sam is the owner of Roasting Ye and married with Ki. He’s from Eat Here Village.
  5. Sparkle is Fran’s Drorse.
  6. Sonsoles is Alnilam’s aunt and Orion’s stepmother.
  7. Sabrina is Fedora’s best friend, one of the main characters of the book I’m writing now.
  8. Sigita, who’s the Combact partner of Prince Julius, a werewolf.

As you can guess from the title I’m going to interview Seamus. But before I do that I have to tell you something.

Seamus is another character I found in real world after five years since his creation. It was a very funny episode and I want to share it with you!

During the busy days of Paddy’s weekend I realized that the tour coordinator, Sean, was my Seamus! It was funny and weird at the same time as the person you’re talking to it melts with the character you’ve created and you’re not sure sometimes who’re your talking to! Actually I hope that out there something similar happened to someone else because I start to think that I may be seriously weird!  

To tell the truth Sean was very kind indeed and, learning about the A to Z challenge, agreed to be interviewed pretending to be Seamus!

It was funny indeed and you cannot imagine how I appreciated his help. You know, usually people just think I’m weird but he dived into the unusual role play!

Thanks Sean!

And now let’s meet Seamus:

FULL NAME: Seamus Mackin

DATE OF BIRTH: 9th October


FAMILY: Mum, Dad, two sisters and one brother.

FAVOURITE BOOK: he can’t read but he’s going around to hear stories about shipwrecking.


FAVOURITE FOOD: Dry bread and oranges.

And now let’s ask him our questions:

Franny: Hi Seamus, you’re very welcome here! Let’s start immediately with the questions. Why have you decided to follow Anne when she left Ireland with her family?

Seamus: I love her! I’ve always loved her and her beautiful eyes looking at me. I was very young when I hid in the chest among her family’s luggage but I knew already that I wouldn’t be able to live without having her with me.

Franny: How romantic!  And we know that Rackham’s crew was hanged after being taken but that she was spared, along with Mary, because pregnant. So they were closed in prison. What did you do during that period? And how did you managed to escape the hanging?

Seamus: I learned to swim. Anne insisted for me to learn and in fact it saved my life! I dived into the Ocean and swam for my dear life! Anne told me to go because she would have been spared because of the baby! She was right again! I knew she was in prison and I tried to organize a plan to make her break out.

Franny: And once you realized she was out you looked for her, didn’t you?

Seamus: Yes of course. You see, I didn’t go there every day to avoid the guards suspecting me, but out of the blue I found out she was gone and Mary dead.

Franny: How did you find her again eventually?

Seamus: Well, we’ve always been joking about marrying on a hill top not far from New Orleans.  Of course the wedding was a joke, at least for her. But we knew that if anything went wrong we could meet there. We’d always said that we would meet the last day of the month. I was dead serious about the whole thing and I kept going there. She couldn’t be dead. And after 4 months we met again!

Franny: Now let’s change a bit the subject. Which one you prefer between the oriental and the western piracy?

Seamus: Oh definitely the western.  You see, pirates here are hairy manly scurvy dogs! And that’s the stereotype of pirate you want to see!

Franny: Ah I can’t help it, sorry. I have to ask about something nudging my curiosity. How did you feel in seeing Anne with another man’s child?

Seamus: Well thanks Franny!!! Of course I wasn’t happy. It actually broke my heart, but I learned to get along with her son because he’s also her flash and blood. He’s a good lad after all!

Franny: You’re so romantic!!! I’m very sorry I had to kill you. Did you aspect to die before her?

Seamus: Well better this than living without her! I would have followed her immediately!  I knew that I could die anytime; being a pirate, death comes into the package! I’m just sad because I know that she was saddened by my death.

Franny: And she was indeed! So Seamus, thank you so much for your time!

Seamus: Thank you for letting me live again briefly on this page! And have a nice day everybody!

Sorry, my dear reader I went a bit longer this time, but it was too funny to have a real person, who is also your character to talk too!

And thanks again to Sean!

I’ll see you tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “S as Seamus

    • Some of them certainly do! Ah, that one was Seamus opinion! I love women pirates and being a big fan of piracy and Far East I love their piracy as well! But yes, I have a big, huge, massive influence from manga and anime! Sometimes I imagine my character and action scenes from my stories in manga style!!!

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