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R as Rainbow D. Fran

I have few characters with letter R:

  1. Rogers, which is the identity of Anne Bonnie in my book about pirates.
  2. Rainbow D. Fran, yes finally she’s here!
  3. Rainbow D. Dan is Fran’s twin. He’s made of rainbow coloured liquorice too and he’s a drummer and percussionist.
  4. Rin, is Mia’s friend. She’s from Net too.
  5. Rani is the Indian lady saved by my pirate doctor.

And as you can guess from the title I’m going finally to interview Rainbow D. Fran. You’ve heard of her in the past few posts.

It’s funny, because she’s another alter ego of mine. Anyway, she’s not like Fedora at all.

I explain before you think I have more than one personality or something like that!

Rainbow D. Fran is what I love it’d be me. I don’t know whether it makes sense at all. She’s brave, she fights for what she wants and she travels a lot and she’s going to be a great writer.

I probably have these characteristics somewhere inside me, but as I haven’t found them yet, I make them live in her.

I hope this is clearer!

So here she is:

FULL NAME: Rainbow D. Fran

DATE OF BIRTH: 7th Red of Water

PLACE OF BIRTH: Liquorice Village

FAMILY: Mother. Father. Two older sisters: Red D. Sil and Red D. Mil. One twin brother: Rainbow D. Dan.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “Memoirs of Robert the Traveller”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Literally everything that is edible and skilfully cooked.

You tell me the truth, weren’t you looking forward to meet her? I was anyway! And I have a surprise for you by the end of the post, I hope you’ll agree with me!

Franny: Hello, Fran! You’re very welcome here! Let’s start immediately with questions. Have you always wanted to become a writer?

Fran: Oh yes, I’ve always wanted to be a writer! We can say that Dan and I are the creative burst of our family. You see, Liquorice Village is very nice city and everybody is sweet (ahahah) but still everybody does what they’re supposed to do! But we have some other sugar running through our veins and we wanted to do something different.

Franny: In fact I noticed that although in the same family your sisters have different names. How’s that?

Fran: Well, they’re not married or anything, it’s just they’re red. You see, for us liquorice the first part of the name depends on our colour. If you have a mixture of colours we chose maybe the rarest, in this way we don’t mix us up so much! Sometimes it’s a real mess. But again, Rainbow is very, very rare as colour!

Franny: So when did you decided you have to travel through all Sonrisa?

Fran: I’ve been thinking about that for ages. Basically from when I read the book of Robert the Traveller. He’s my inspiration…well of course after my brother. And he, Robert I mean, said in his books that the better way to live and to be a complete writer is to know things and make experience. So here you go.

Franny: Well it seems interesting…but also sad and brave. Are you ok in travelling alone?

Fran: Well I was scared, a lot scared. But still the necessity I felt in doing that was bigger than the fear so I went. Obviously the encouragement of my brother was very important! But you see the thing is that once you start travelling you realize that it’s fun, you meet a lot of very nice people and also that some of them become friends, like it happened with Cinnamon, and Aisolar and Iak, and Eneru and so on.

Franny: Wow, sounds so nice and I’d love to do that. So as I see you’re very close to Dan and you value a lot friendship as well!

Fran: Of course. Dan is the most important person to me, he’s my brother but also an art buddy and he’s my biggest supporter as I’m his biggest fan! And friendship is so, so, so important. I think I won’t be able to live without them!

Franny: Ok, I know that I’ve finished the questions, but I have just a last one to ask you, and I hope that the readers as well will be happy to hear that! Would you be able to be a regular guest and contributor on my blog? In this way you could tell us everything about your travels!

Fran: Oh, well. It’s a bit unexpected, but why not! I’d love to! Thanks! I hope you won’t be disappointed by my travels memoirs!

Franny: Sure they will be exciting! Thanks for accepting and thanks for your time so far! I’ll see you soon!

Fran: Thank you! And have a nice colour everybody!

So this was Fran and here was the good news I was talking about!

I suppose it would be nice to argue with a better wannabe self. Or it will be weird, who knows. Anyway I think it would be an adventure and I’m pretty sure of what I’m doing, which is a great novelty for me.

If it’s true that we have all our answers inside ourselves, I hope it would help to improve as writer and as a person!

As soon as I’ll be ready you’ll have Fran as guest on these pages!


5 thoughts on “R as Rainbow D. Fran

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Well yeah I have loads of characters and even more working progress! I’ve been working on my world for 6 years more or less and I cannot see the end! If you find it interesting and reach I can only be happy!

  1. I’d figure she would be something of an alter ego for you with that name! Though having another after Fedora is interesting. Have you studied many other writers who had stand-ins? Like Dante, or Virginia Woolf in To the Lighthouse?

    • Well actually no, I haven’t! I studied against my will Dante in school of course (I’m Italian, so…he’s a must) and I don’t like Virginia Wolf! So whatever I’m doing it’s not on purpose! The thing is that the oldest is Rainbow D. Fran! Fedora was created just a few month ago for the aim of venting after my dad’s death…What do you think about my alter egos? Should I worry!?

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