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Q as Quest

Q as I mentioned before was a characterless letter so I had to invent one on the spot! Looking around me for inspiration I noticed that one of my colleagues, L., was perfect for the purpose. Now she’s very strong character person and I’ve ended up in creating this:

FULL NAME:  Quest Ranger

DATE OF BIRTH: 6th Yellow of Fire

PLACE OF BIRTH: Oladonos, Ghost Land.

FAMILY: Not disclosed, it’s too dangerous for the role she has in the village.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The way Demos the Great fought his way to Penguin Refuge”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Every game roasted on magic fire! (She’s using her abilities, she said, to get her food. She hunts them and then cooks them with magic!)

And let’s see what she’s up to:

Franny: Hello Quest, welcome on my blog. Let’s start with your questions! Have you always wanted to be a Marrior? For all the reader Marriors are warriors who can use one element of magic!

Quest: Hello Franny! No, I haven’t really! It was just something that made me take the decision. I was choosing the element I wanted to concentrate on and then it happened. I was with a dear friend of mine. He wanted to become doctor, so he already chose his elements. I was asking him for advice. Then in that moment there was a group of Wall Apes that attacked the village. They’re humanish and great fighters and of course moved by the hunger, that was the period of war you see…also they were immune to magic…nobody could do anything. All the Marriors were fighting away.

This friend of mine was killed to save me. And I swore I’d never been weak again.

Franny: This is very sad, Quest, I’m sorry. Is this why you have decided to learn Fire magic as well?

Quest: Yes. I believe that Fire magic is the most powerful. He was older than me and knew already a bit and he didn’t have much fire magic and he didn’t save himself. He couldn’t anyway because he wasn’t strong enough and you couldn’t use magic against Wall Apes.

Franny: Ok, let’s change the subject! How was fighting during the big war? Were you even old enough?

Quest: No, I had to run away from home. I trained myself a lot and in fairness I wasn’t properly ready. I didn’t even receive the proper training from a Marrior but just from an old one living still in the village. I just ran away from home. War is bad and is awful sight. I still have to understand how I survived!

Franny: Oh dear, it seems really tough. Still the war is over. Do really think that your village still need fighters like you, or would you prefer to go deeper in your magic studies now?

Quest: No, I took my decision long time ago. There is not coming back now. I chose Fire magic and to fight. Once at home I asked to be trained properly. My secret is that I’m trying to learn another Element, in honour to my friend. That’s why my hair isn’t a clear colour. And if I’ll end up in the Tear Lake for a few cycles for doing that, I don’t care. Anyway, always be prepared, that’s what I think!

Franny: So you’ve herd what’s going on. Aren’t you afraid of the coming war?

Quest: Absolutely not. I’m ready! And always will be!

Franny: Thanks Quest for your time, this was very moving and interesting!

Quest: Thank you! I’ll go back to my training now.

And this was Quest everybody!

I hope you liked her.

I think I know already where I’m going to use her to be honest!

I’ll see you tomorrow with a great character.


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