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P as Peach


And today is a three characters letter:

  1. Paulien is a dolphin that helps Arilla to go to the depth of the Under the Sea city capital.
  2. Peach is again from Arilla story, she’s one of three twins sea fairies accompanying Arilla in her travel.
  3. Percival is my particular vampire, and I don’t mean with this that he sparkles. He will explode with the sun light, I’m kind of traditional! Actually he would obtain the same effect with the moonlight, but still I don’t want to unveil too much. It’s still an idea I’m working on!


So let’s meet Peach. An orange coloured sea-fairy. It was a bit different this time, as I had this interview on the seashore.

FULL NAME: Peach Yellowfield

DATE OF BIRTH: 3rd Yellow of Wood.


FAMILY: Mother, Father, Two twin sisters: Strawberry and Blueberry. One brother: Raspberry.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The adventures of Mighty Seaweed”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Fried micro octopus tentacles.

And now let’s ask her a few questions:

Franny: Hi Peach, welcome on my blog! You’re the guest of today and I’m going to ask you five questions! First one: how comes that you have all these particular names in your family? Does your mum like fruit of what?

Peach: Hi Franny, it’s a pleasure to be here with you! Well, my mum has always been in love with the fruit from above. It’s very rare here, sometimes you can find in Shiny Deep market, still my mum is in love with it. So when my brother was born she named him after her favourite and then when we were born she did the same! She’s kind of happy too because we were born coloured like her favourites!

Franny: Ah this is very nice!  And tell me, where do you live usually and why you were at Paulien’s grandma’s?

Peach: Well we live in the Yellow, under the sea. In the last village you can find coming from Taryn’s temple. But we set travelling, me and my sisters, to find Raspberry. My mum was so sad that we wanted to cheer her up finding him again. We travelled a lot but we were lucky in finding all nice people who let us stay with them for a while. Then we met Arilla when we were staying at an old friend place and then Naoki who turned out to be our brother. We couldn’t believe it!

Franny: Well it looks like an interesting adventure. But wouldn’t you be afraid of ending up into serious trouble? I mean what if Raspberry was having grave problems?

Peach: Well we thought about that, but you know, we’ve always been very close, in particular Strawberry. They’re more or less the same colour, you know, loads of times people thought that my mum had two couples of twins. But for me and Blueberry as well, it wasn’t like only the big brother, you know. He’s always been our best friend really! And we were so sorry for mum. So we figured out we had to go. I mean I was a bit afraid and honestly listening to Blueberry’s list of imminent dangers, you didn’t want to go there. But then , on the other hand, listening to Strawberry and being involved in her frenzy speech I was convinced. And the two of us convinced Blueberry and so we went.

Franny: That was very brave! But did Raspberry tell you eventually what happened? I mean why did he run away and all?

Peach: Well he actually did. What he wanted was to get a surprise for mother. He learned from one of the traders in Shiny Deep that there was an old witch able to create small bubbles in which to grow something able to grow only on the islands up above. So he did want to make a surprise for everybody and off he went. When he reached the witch she asked him to work for her to repay her for her magic. He didn’t have any way of paying her, you know. But the truth was that she couldn’t do the spell, actually it’s not a spell at all, it’s a field you see, a field of land bubble, that’s how they’re called, and she put her house there and imprisoned people not being able to pay to work there as slaves. But he managed to run away.

Franny: Oh this is disgraceful…and did you tell anybody? Was she left unpunished?

Peach: Oh, no! No chance that it might happen. Like after all the hell she put us through we could leave her alone. No way! We basically went over to the mer-folks because, you see, we have a bit of magic as fairies but we can’t do much against them. She turned out to be one of the mermaids sent away from Blue. She was evil and they didn’t want her to stay with them anymore. They took care of her and I think now she won’t do any harm to anybody anymore.

Franny: Serves her right. Thank you for your precious time, Peach. I hope to see you soon.

Peach: I hope to see you soon too! Have a nice colour everybody!


So she said and she dived again into the sea and swam out of sight.

She was very nice indeed!

This is everything for today! Let me know what you think!

I’ll see you tomorrow with a brand new character! Q is another empty letter! But I had a nice idea! 


4 thoughts on “P as Peach

    • You know what? I’m a big manga fan but I didn’t know her! Thanks anyway it seems interesting!
      Going back to Peach, I think she doesn’t know Squid Girl, but there are for sure some of them in the Orange part of my under the sea! So we wait and see what happens!

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