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O as Orion

O isn’t a busy letter,  in fact I have just one character.

Despite that I’m very excited and I was looking forward this letter to come!
Do you want to know why?
Because the character of today is Orion, probably the most handsome and the most romantic and the bravest character I’ve ever written about!
Actually he’s the first of my character I’ve seen in his human, not paper form and you can read the experience here!
Anyway here he is:

FULL NAME: Orion of Earth



FAMILY: Mother and Father-one man from the Oasis of Happiness

FAVOURITE BOOK:  ‘The history of Sonrisa’


FAVOURITE FOOD:  Fried honey drops in Rose sauce.

And let’s ask him a few questions then:

Franny: Hello Orion! I’m very happy to have you here on my blog today! Let’s start straight ahead with my questions: can you tell us something more about your origin? The file wasn’t that clear!

Orion: Hello Franny, it’s an honour to be here, thank you! Well there isn’t very much to say. My mum is Mother, the element of the Earth. She’s one of the Elements who give origin to Sonrisa along with Fantasy. She fell in love with a warrior coming from the Oasis. I lived with him for a while and I learned to fight from him and his tribe.

Franny: Wow, so does this means you’ve been around for a long time! Have you ever told to anyone else your secret, a part form Alnilam and his family?

Orion: Yes, being immortal makes me able to live as long as I decide to do so, until basically I decide to leave for Death Land. In my long life I’ve been with other women, and I’ve been married once with a wonderful Werewolf from Ghost Land, her name was Narial. I told her but after many years spent together she passed away.

Franny: So it must be very sad. How do you feel in living longer? Seeing other people passing away and suffering for their loss…

Orion: Actually it is hard, in particular when you know that there won’t be any chance for them to be with you forever. You can either shut your heart but it won’t be living then! What’s the point in living forever without loving another being or without feeling all the range of feelings that we have?

Franny: That’s true. But it’s also true that this time you had to take a very hard decision! Are you sure for what have you done with Alnilam?

Orion: Eh it was yes a sudden decision, but I love Alnilam and going back I’d do the very same.  I know that you’re thinking that I could have saved Narial as well, but it’s not the same. I loved her too but I feel that loosing Alnilam would be even worse that dying. So I’ll be happy to live my life with her and then die. I think I’ve lived fully enough.

Franny: And last question, but I understand if you don’t want to answer. Are there other people like you out there?

Orion: Ah I knew you were going to ask it! Yes, there are. You see Elements are passionate and they have human feeling and it is normal that sometimes they have children. I can tell you that you’ll meet Ursa, son of Wave and a triton.  I’m afraid I can tell you more than that!

Franny: Oh well I suppose I have to live with that!!! Thank you very much for your time.

Orion: Thank you Franny and have a nice colour to everybody!


Sorry folks if you find any mistake or simply if there is something less logical than usual but it was kind of busy in work!!!

Oh I shouldn’t have said that!

Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “O as Orion

    • Thanks Jill! It is a very big fun! It seems a never ending task though to finish a world building. I’m afraid I aimed too high…silly me! But I’ll keep working for sure, Sonrisa is my other baby!!!

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