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N as Nem

N isn’t a nice letter.

There are just two characters I’ve used so long ago and not for a main role,so it is very difficult to choose.
They are:

-Naoki is the lost brother of three sea fairies travelling with princess Arilla. During the story he takes the form of a golden seahorse.
-Nem is one of Mor’s friend and he’s in love with Mia.

And, as you can imagine, today’s guest is Nem. I think he’s the right choice anyway because he was created for a short story. Then the short story transformed into a book idea and I’ve been thinking about it for long now.

Let’s see if I’ll turn the plot into a book for real or if I’ll use it as side story for something else.

Anyway it’s time to meet Nem.

NAME: Nem Paritybestyboidthebowandarrow
DATE OF BIRTH: 1st Blue of Metal.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Net, Mories.
FAMILY: He lives alone now. He is a only child and his parents died together in one hunt accident.
FAVOURITE BOOK: He can’t read.
FAVOURITE FOOD: It doesn’t matter the animal,the important is that is stewed.

And now let’s ask him a few questions.
Franny: Hello Nem! Welcome to my blog. It’s great to meet you and have the chance to know you better.
Franny: So Nem you were telling me before, that you think you’re the best hunter in all Net. Why?
Nem: No,Franny. I don’t think I am the best,I know it is so. And I know that because I was trained by the best hunters of all the times: Tom and Mae Paritybestyboidthebowandarrow, my parents.
Franny:What happened to them?How did they die?
Nem:Well they were doing what was supposed to be their last Hunting Festival. They wanted to get the heaviest and the rarest and most beautiful pray:the Rainbow Dragon. Big exit from the hunting competition winning with no space for others. But it went wrong and they were killed by the dragon on the way back. The two arrogant of them, they wanted to bring it here alive, while they’ve always said that the games have to be killed for safety. Anyway there was only one survivor,Mor and Mia’s dad.
But I promise you I’m going to catch that beast and kill it.
Franny:I see. This is very sad. Let’s have a break. Why don’t you tell me something about your names?I’ve noticed they’re very short.
Nem: (comes out of a sort of trance) Oh yes,the names. Well,we’re hunters,right? We need short names to call ourselves during the hunting otherwise it’d be a mess. I was told that in the past we had longer names but they were cut to three letters and it’s a kind of tradition now. It happens very often that you might have three or four friends with the same name, so it’s not a great solution. Anyway, the surnames are very long but nobody bother to use them so the problem is still there.
Franny: Interesting! So you tell me, is it real love that you feel for Mia or it’s just a sort of gratitude to the man who took care of you since your parents were gone?
Nem: No it’s love! I told her more than once. But she seems having this secret crush with this boy she doesn’t want to mention. So I guess it’s just a way to refuse me. And Mor doesn’t help really telling her about all my escapades,but I swear they mean nothing to me. He’s such a bastard!
Franny:Now,now I’m sure he’s just a overprotective brother! Don’t you agree with me?
Nem:I’m brother to him more than she’s a sister to the idiot! Mia was brought after an expedition and she was so small that she cannot remember but we both do. We were forced to promise we won’t say a word, but the truth is that Mor…on is in love with her!
Franny:I can see your point. Not an easy situation I believe…well thank you very much for your time.

He just grunts and nods.

So folks this was the loquacious Mor!He’s not a bad chap but he’s done his way and,between us, he hates loosing a battle!Hunts or love make no difference!
And with this I’ll see you tomorrow!



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