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M as Mukesh

Hi everybody and welcome back!

M is another busy letter for me! So here we go:

  1. Mia is a hunter living in Net at the very South of Mories.
  2. Mor is Mia’s brother (yes I gave them those similar names on purpose!)
  3. Marian is the awake personality of Grace, you met her a few days ago.
  4. Max is a Drorse trainer and now stable keeper at Roasting Ye. He’s Fran’s trainer when she decided to attend to the Drorse race.
  5. MafyLee has been the champion for the past few cycles of the Drorse race during the Fire Fair. She’s from Etysop.
  6. Mukesh is the private guard of Alnilam. He’s from the Oasis.
  7. May is Cleo’s former private maid. She’s killed by Cleo herself and now she’s become a poltergeist in Black Dragon.

And as you can guess from the title I’m going to interview Mukesh. I love strong men, old fashioned warriors, so what! Sue me!!!

FULL NAME: Johnra no Mukesh

DATE OF BIRTH: 3rd Green of Fire

PLACE OF BIRTH: Oasis of Happiness

FAMILY: Father, Mother, 2 Sisters and a brother about whom nobody wants to talk about.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The adventures of Flint, the good pirate”.

FAVOURITE COLOR: Ochre, the colour of the desert.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Roasted GhostLand Boar.

And now about the questions:

Franny: Hello Mukesh, you’re very welcome here! So how’s being the only bodyguard of a princess?

Mukesh: Hello Franny! (Kisses my hand; he’s just a gentle-guard I think!)

Well, being a bodyguard is a hard job, but then it depends whom you’re protecting. I was sharing the role with a colleague before, but then I was chosen by Princess Alnilam. It’s just an honour!

Franny: And we also know that your relationship it’s a bit different from the normal standards, is it correct?

Mukesh: I suppose so; Princess Alnilam made me the honour not only to choose me as only bodyguard but also as her trainer along with Orion and also as her confidant.

Franny: Well, I guess that rarely happens something alike. I know that after a misunderstanding with King Alfred you were moved to a different assignment. How was to be under Cleo instead?

Mukesh: It was terrible. Believe me! She’s just like being in a hell, you feel like a slave. She doesn’t have any humanity whatsoever and also seeing my poor Princess Alnilam so sad for being alone…it was heart-breaking.

Franny: Mukesh, sorry but you talk like a sissy, really. You’re supposed to be a warrior, pull yourself together! It really seems you’re in love with your Princess. You have some preferences in common even. But I know that you can fight as a lion!

Mukesh: Oh, now, don’t say that! I’ve been brought up as a warrior, and I suffered a lot during my childhood. It was immediately after the Big War and to be honest I believe I’m tough enough. I know I can fight as a beast when I want and when I’m motivated to. There is no need for me to remember you the fight I won against the werewolf! Although I almost died…eh eh!

Franny: Yeah, I got scared then!

Mukesh: It’s just that I can’t behave differently when we talk about Princess Alnilam. Well, I suppose I love her, but just because probably I haven’t met the right person for me. Warrior or not warrior, I’m still a human being with feelings….

Franny: Mhm yes, I suppose we can look it in this way! And can you tell us something about the brother you mentioned in your profile?

Mukesh: No, unfortunately, I still have no news about him. I mean I looked for him. You know, sometimes when I was young my mum told me something, when dad was away. And I promised to myself to look for him, that’s the reason why I wanted to come to Sunbeam in first place. The library they have here, with all the registers they have of the population isn’t just for Sunbeam itself. There is much information about loads of things. I thought it might be a good start, but then…nothing so far. I won’t stop to look for him, you can be sure of that.

Franny: And we all wish you to find him! Thank you very much for your time, Mukesh.

Mukesh: Thank you Franny. And have a nice colour to everybody!

So, this was Mukesh.

To be honest he’s a very weird kind of warrior and very feeling driven but I love him. He’s maybe one of my characters I love most!

I’ll see you tomorrow! 


15 thoughts on “M as Mukesh

  1. Mukesh sounds like a pretty nice guy to me!
    I love these interviews! They’re so cool! Great way for your readers to get to know your characters and the roles they play!

    • Well, it is something recalling one of the books I’ve written. Well jotted down, as they’re still drafts! I’m putting hint here and there to try and see if people get curious about them! It’s maybe a twisted way to have a feedback!!!!!

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